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Life as we know it would disappear.

It's not possible for a meteor to punch a clean hole through the Earth. So a meteor big enough would crack the Earth into pieces. These might eventually be pulled together again by gravity, but the planet would be unrecognizable.

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Meteor showers are formed when the Earth goes through a debris field left by a comet or asteroid.

The Earth's atmosphere is warm and as the meteor goes through it, it heats up and starts to burn, which is how we see them.

when the meteor is hiting the atmosphere the pressure when it gets in and the velocity it goes with comprimes and starts lightning in fire

it evaporates like and goes through the water cycle

Meteor showers start when Earth is travelling through the remains of a trail of a comet or other dirty parts of space. As it encounters the dirt and debris they burn up in our atmosphere. The edges of the trail have little debris, but as Earth goes further in, there is more and once it passes the middle it starts to thin out again, which is why the meteor shower starts with very few, then increasesand then starts to decline again.

nothing basically happens the earth just blocks the sun so that the moon doesn't get so much at sertain times.

It goes around again, and again, and again..... Each orbit of the Earth takes about 29.5 days, and the Moon goes through all of the phases from full to new and back to full again.

The circumference is the distance around the Earth at it's widest point. The diameter goes through the center of the Earth from one side to the other.

the planet most definitley gets destroyed, and can ruin earth.

You can't stop meteor showers. They are naturally occuring events. As Earth goes through space, it encounters all sorts of dirt and debris which then enter our atmosphere and burn up in an instant. So it is impossible to stop them. It would be like trying to stop wind or rain or tides. Meteor showers are spectacular to watch, so nobody would want to stop them. There are very few meteors that pose any dangers to Earth.

Meteor "showers" happen when the Earth passes through the orbit of a comet, or where a comet once was. Most of the meteors are dust-sized, and when a comet approaches the Sun, the Sun's heat and light melt some of its ice and blow the dust and vapor into the "tail" of the comet.But the dust continues along in the same orbit as the comet; just a little slower.The ancient comet's orbit passes near the Earth at one spot along the Earth's orbit, and the Earth goes through pretty much the same path each year. So meteor "showers" happen on the same day each year.

There are no diograms out there, but what happens is the the blood from the heart, goes through the blood vessels and goes through the whole body, but not through the tale.

Thousands of old, in many cases extinct, comets circle (or circlED) the Sun over the past few billion years. When a comet has exhausted its ices and volatiles, the rocky dusty remains continue in their orbits. Over the course of thousands or millions of orbits, the dust cloud of debris blown away from the comet continues, and spreads out; now the trail of dust goes all the way around the Sun. Some of those dust trails come close to, or intersect, the orbit of the Earth. When the Earth passes through that dust trail, the grains of dust and pebbles streak through the atmosphere as meteors, and we call this a "meteor shower". Since it happens when the Earth passes through the trail at the same point every orbit, it happens at about the same time each year.

A meteor falling to earth heats ups in flames. Its goes so fast that it catches on fire!

Master chief goes back to earth

it goes to the other side of the earth like texas

It allows light to pass through the object.

Nothing it goes through your body.