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The boiling point is always higher than the melting point.

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Q: What happens if boiling point is higher than melting point?
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How does IMF affect the boiling point or melting point of a substance?

The stronger the IMF, the higher the boiling point and the lower the melting point. The weaker the IMF, the lower the boiling point and the higher the melting point.

What happens to the melting and boiling point of a substance if it contains impurity?

If the impurity has a higher boiling point then the boiling point of the mixture will also be slightly higher, and vice versa.

How melting and boiling points are affected by intermolecular forces?

The stronger the intermolecular forces, the higher the melting point and boiling point. The weaker the intermolecular forces, the lower the melting and boiling points are.

Why fast rate of heating gives higher melting and boiling point than the true one?

Because the temperature is higher hence make the boiling and melting point higher.

Is boiling point higher than melting point?

they are the same... dont know who wrote this but it can be the same such as dry ice, or different such as water. however boiling point will sometimes be higher than melting point

Is a boiling point higher than a melting point?

well acuttaly a boiling point is higher because the boiling point is at 100 degrees and like so a melting point is a 0 degrees and a boiling point the particles spread out quicker but the melting point the particles are a strong bond so cannot be squahsed and are at a lower rate of temprrature/heat

Do stronger intermolecular forces result in higher or lower boiling points?

An intermolecular force has both a boiling point and melting point

Why is diamond a unusual non metal?

non-metals have lower density, melting and boiling point but diamond has higher density, melting and boiling point.

Will LiCl have a higher boiling point than water?

boiling point:1382 C Melting point: 605 C

Why the melting point of arsenic is higher than boiling point?

The melting point is higher than the boiling point of Arsenic only because the melting point is when Arsenic is under pressure because otherwise it would sublimate, or turn directly from a solid to a gas, a the "boiling" point of 614 degrees Celsius and normal atmospheric pressures.

Is melting point the same as its boiling point?

No. The boiling point is higher temp. than the melting point. When something is melted, it becomes liquid: when something is boiled, it begins to become vapor.

Why does water have a higher melting point than oxygen?

Water has a high melting point and boiling point because of hydrogen bonds