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Rechargeable batteries that are not charged for a long time will still work sufficiently. Batteries that are overcharged will damage the battery.

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Q: What happens if rechargeable batteries are not recharged for a long time?
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How long should rechargeable batteries for your digital Canon be recharged?

It sohould be about 5-20 min

Do rechargeable batteries ever wear out?

Rechargeable batteries do wear out usually after their self life or prolonged use. Depending on how long you have had that particular battery and how many times it has been recharged determines how long they will last.

What is meant by eneloop batteries?

They claim to be the best of both worlds: rechargeable batteries and disposable batteries. The disposable batteries hold their energy for a long time on the shelf, while rechargeable batteries did not. The eneloop offers the convenience of being recharged, while holding the charge for a long time.

Are rechargeable batteries worth the cost?

Rechargeable batteries are worth the cost. Let's do the math. A pack of 12 Duracell AA batteries cost around $10-$12. Meanwhile a 4 pack of Duracell AA rechargeable's and a charger is around $15 dollars. A rechargeable battery can usually be recharged 30-50 times. This means for three dollars more you basically get 120-200 batteries. Basic math shows that 120 batteries for $15 (rechargeable) than to pay $120 (non-rechargeable).

What types of batteries work best in a digital camera?

Alkaline batteries usually do not last very long, while lithium batteries usually last a little bit longer and can handle colder weather. Rechargeable batteries are probably the best as they can be recharged easily and last a long time because of this.

How long will rechargeable batteries last?

It all depends of the type of batteries and what you areusing them in.

Are rechargeable batteries really better than regular batteries?

No, I don't think rechargeable batteries are better than the regular batteries. I have always used the regular batteries and they have always worked very well for me. I know some people that has used rechargeable batteries and said that they don't stay charged for very long.

Is there any brand of rechargeable batteries that offer a warranty?

Yes, all of Duracell's rechargeable batteries come with a warranty. The warranty is usually about two years long.

What are the best camera batteries?

There are a wide variety of batteries available to the consumer but Duracell has been proven to be one the most popular brands. These batteries perform well and last a long time. Their rechargeable batteries hold a charge for a long time which is a desirable feature in rechargeable batteries.

Does Energizer rechargeable batteries last long?

Energizer rechargeable batteries last a lot longer than other researchable batteries. On average, they are considered one of the best types of rechargeable batteries. The life of the battery is superior. Also the company itself has better service and availability.

How reliable are Duracell batteries?

Duracell rechargeable batteries are reliable, but like any brand of batteries, the life will depend on how the batteries are used, maintained, and stored. Rechargeable batteries do not have as long a shelf life as most other batteries, so they do have to be maintained. With proper care the Duracell rechargeable batteries will give you many hours of camera use, but it is always wise to carry extras.

How long do rechargeable batteries last?

I purchased 4 rechargeable batteries plus battery charger July 2006. I take many photos for my eBay business and have found that in the last few weeks when I recharge the batteries, they only last for a few photos. I thought rechargeable batteries lastest more than 2 years. Can someone let me know the life of rechargeable batteries. Thank you.

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