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Then the tides would be much stronger.

Then the tides would be much stronger.

Then the tides would be much stronger.

Then the tides would be much stronger.

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Then the tides would be much stronger.

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Q: What happens if the moon comes very near the earth?
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How does solar eclipses affect life on earth?

The moon comes near the sun and they from a solar ecliopses

Which is near to the earth sun or moon?

The Moon is the closest to Earth

What will happen if the sun comes near the moon?

The moon will melt

Which side of the moon is visible to earth?

The near side of the moon faces the Earth.

What is the moon near?

The Earth.

Is the Near Side of the moon always facing the Earth?

Yes. The Moon's rotation on its axis is in sync with it's orbit around Earth. Therefore, the near side of the Moon is always facing Earth.

How does the appearance of earth change if you watched it from the near side of the moon?

from the earth you see the moon's phases. From the moon, you see the earth's phases that are same as the moon's phases

The Moon's near side always faces earth due to what?

The moon's near side always faces earth because of the definition of the word "near". If it didn't always face earth, it wouldn't be known as the "near side".

Why do solar eclipses occur on new moon days?

The new moon is the monthly phase of the moon where it is completely unlit (or as near to being completely unlit as possible that month). If you think about it, this is going to happen when the moon is between the earth and the sun. New moon happens when it is as close as it can be to casting a shadow on the earth. The moon doesn't cast a shadow on the earth every month, because of the relationship of the orbits of earth and moon. Every now and then, the moon does cast a shadow on the earth at the time of new moon. When this happens, the moon is eclipsing the sun. There are several kinds of solar eclipse, and few things are as beautiful or as awesome as a total solar eclipse.

What happens during moon phases?

The Sun always shines on half of the Moon. As the Moon circles the Earth, we Earthlings see a the near half of the Moon, but we can't always see all of the illuminated half. This difference in direction - the Sun shines from the Sun but we see from the Earth - causes the effect of "phases" of the Moon.

What planet or star is near the moon?

The earth

What keeps the moon near earth?


Are there moons near Venus?

No, there are no moon near Venus. No moons orbit Venus. The nearest moon to Venus is Earth's moon. :)

What is the gravity of the moon compared to the earth in percentages?

The acceleration of gravity on or near the moon's surface is 16.549% of the corresponding figure on or near the Earth's surface.

Explain the terms near side and far side of the moon?

the near side is the side of the moon that is always facing earth, and as such is closer to the earth then the far side which is always facing away from the earth.

Is the moon at apogee near to or far from the earth?

"Apogee" means the point in the moon's orbit where it's farthest from earth.

What is the relationship between the moon and the earth in a new moon phase?

In the "new moon" phase, the Moon is almost (but not quite!) between the Earth and the Sun. You can't see it, for two reasons; first, the Moon and Sun will rise and set at about the same times, so the Moon is competing against the Sun's bright glare, and second, the illuminated side of the Moon is the FAR side; the near side of the Moon is dark. When the Moon comes EXACTLY between the Earth and the Sun, then we have a solar eclipse. This happens about twice a year, when the crossing-point between the plane of the Moon's orbit and the ecliptic happens to line up with the Sun-Earth line. Sometimes the Moon doesn't QUITE line up on one orbit, and doesn't QUITE line up on the next; then we get two partial eclipses a month apart.

Where are the sun moon and earth during a neap tide and a spring tide?

For a "spring tide" to occur, the Sun and Moon are lined up with the Earth; either near the new moon or near the full moon. This is because the Sun and the Moon each cause their own tidal forces on the Earth's oceans, and when the forces are lined up, they add together.A "neap tide" occurs when the tidal forces of the Sun and the Moon work at right angles to each other, lessening the total effect of the tides. This happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth form a triangle pattern. This happens at the first or third quarter phases of the Moon.

Is the moon near the sun?

That depends what you call "near". The moon is about 390 times farther from the sun that it is from the earth.

Is the near side facing Earth always the dark side?

No. "Days" and "nights" on the Moon take about 15 days each. At the full moon, the near side of the Moon is fully illuminated; at the new moon, the near side is mostly dark. (However, the near side of the Moon is still slightly illuminated by Earthshine, the light of the Sun that reflects off of the Earth. )

Which is near to the earth- the moon or the sun?

The moon is much closer to the earth that the sun. The moon is about 239,000 miles away. The sun is about 93,000,000 miles away.

What position started the moon?

a currently popular theory is that the moon came about when an asteroid collided with earth, ejecting what is now the moon into near-earth orbit.

What is the planet near the moon right now?

they earth

On earth what part of the moon do you see?

The near side.

From earth what side of the moon do we see?

The near side.

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