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Q: What happens if the timber rattlesnake goes extinct?
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What happens if it goes extinct?

it never come back.............

What happens if fungi goes extinct?

then youwont have to worry about any thing

Will a rattlesnake kill a dog?

Yes, the venom from a rattlesnake can kill a dog if bitten.

What will happen if the cheetah goes extinct?

If a cheetah goes extinct all of the animals that the cheetah eats will get biger

How does it feel to be bitten by a rattlesnake?

It hurts when it bites, and it burns when the venom goes in.

What nicknames does Douglas Netter go by?

Douglas Netter goes by Rattlesnake.

What happens if even the smallest animal goes extinct?

Then it messes up the food web. Well if it is eaten by any other animal!

When does a specie become extinct?

a species goes extinct when there is no more of that species alive.

How do humans fit in it's food web?

Humans fit into the food web alot. Say if grass dies then the grasshopper goes extinct, then the frog goes extinct and then the tiger goes extinct then that will effect the the whole web.

What happens as a result of natural selection?

"A new species is formed." or "A species goes extinct." It depends on the organisms' fitness, its ability to survive and reproduce.

What is affect of Marine Habitat destruction to the Marine Life?

Marine life dies and goes extinct. That's what happens when where they live gets destroyed.

Is a rattlesnake a scavenger?

yes because he goes looking for food,they don't stand and wait.

Are there rattlesnakes in Missouri?

Yes there are rattle snakes in Missouri. I just saw one yesterday actually. The main rattler we have is the Timber Rattler. Around my house they live near the old coal mines the old rock quarry and along a line of bluffs that goes behind my house in northwest Missouri.

Is it important if the Siberian tiger goes extinct?


What happens when the removal of fish from an area is faster than the rate at which they can replace themselves?

The fish population goes into decline and the fish species may go extinct.

What nicknames does Tina Scheer go by?

Tina Scheer goes by Timber Tina.

What are the effects of killing too many tigers?

It will goes extinct

What will happen if the condor goes extinct?

the species will no longer be seen

What will happen if the black rhino goes extinct?

the food chane breaks

What will happen when the Geometric Tortoise goes extinct?

There won't be anymore forever

When a species dies out on earth it is called?

Extinction. The species goes extinct.

What is the process timber goes through when grading?

The process timber goes through when grading is when two people; one woman and one man do the work. The man puts his p3n1s in the girl's v@g1n@. The man's p3n1s will soon be full of s3m3n and sp3rms. Drop the Sp3rms onto the wood and a miracle will happen; the timber will be graded.

How is a Cobra the same as a Rattlesnake?

A cobra and a rattlesnake are both snakes (of course) and they both are poisonous. But they both deliver the poison in different ways and the poison is not they exact same as far as chemistry goes.

What leads the animal to be extinct?

Some reasons why an animal goes extinct can be destruction of its habitat, overhunting, the extinction of its prey, or the introduction of new predators.

What may happen if a species goes extinct-?

If a certain species dies out, other species may go extinct if they rely on that species and so on.