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What happens if there is a tie for the presidential race?

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The House of Representatives votes on the president and the Senate votes on the Vice president

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Who chooses the vice president if there is a tie in the presidential race?

The Senate chooses the Vice President in the case of a tie.

What happens to losers of presidential race?


What happens if there is a tie in the presidential elections in NZ?

Absolutely nothing because New Zealand's government is not a presidency

What happens if there is a tie in the ancient olympic games?

well the man who is the richest father will win in the race

Who did president eisenhower beat twice-in-the-presidential-race?

Adlai Stevenson II

If the presidential vote in the electoral college results in a tie?

It is possible for a tie to happen during the Electoral College voting. If this happens, the House of Representatives will vote for President. If that is tied, then there would be a vote from the Senate.

What happens if an olympic race has two people tie for second?

Two silver medals are awarded and no bronze medal is awarded.

Who did thomas Jefferson tie with in the 1800 presidential election?

Aaron Burr and he finished in a tie,

Can there be a tie in the presidential election?

Yes, and there has been (1800). If there was a tie, the House of Representatives would vote.

What happens if there is a tie for President?

The people who didn't vote for the final people in the race will then have a chance to become president.They are also called faithless voters.

What happens if vice president candidate drops out of race?

they just pick another one . The vice president was not voted on but was appointed by the presidential candidate.

Who will win presidential race?

Barack obama

When did Obama enter the presidential race?

in 2008

What happens if soccer ends in a tie?

what if soccer ends in a tie

What candidate did Mitt Romney support after dropping out of the 2008 presidential race?

In 2008, Mitt Romney endorsed John McCain after dropping out of the presidential race.

Who won the race between the boy silkworm and the girl silkworm?

They ended up in a tie

How many presidential campaines resulted in a tie?

1800: The Constitution then made no distinction between Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates, and Jefferson found himself in a tie with his running-mate, Aaron Burr. After several ballots the House of Representatives chose Jefferson as President.

In the case of a tie who determines the outcome of a presidential election?

The House of Representatives.

Who did Bush run against?

George W. Bush ran against Al Gore in the 2000 presidential race and John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race.

In 1988 who won the Presidential race?

In the 1988 Presidential race, George H.W. Bushdefeated Michael Dukakis, to become the 41st President of the United States.

When is the next presidential race?

The next election will be in 2012.

Who won the presidential race of 1912?

Woodrow Wilson

Who determines the outcome of a presidential vote tie?

In the electoral college, there are 538 electors (or electoral votes), with at least 270 needed to win the presidential election. Although highly unlikely, it is possible that the electoral votes could be tied 269-269. If this were to happen, the vote would then go to Congress. It would be the duty of The House of Representatives to break the tie for the presidential election, and the duty of the Senate to break the tie for the vice presidential position.

Who are the Republican candidates for the 2008 presidential race?

This is David Chang. Fred Thompson dropped out of the race.

Has there ever been a tie in the presidential elections?

yes they all wear ties