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Your also JINXED

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Q: What happens if two people say something at the same time and then say jinx at the same time?
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What is it called when two people say the same thing at the same time?

It is called jinx

Where can you play Jinx 3 part 2?

you can play jinx anywhere and you can play jinx with any amount of people. I belive that jinx is a game when any amount of people say something at the same time and if they do you say jinx padlock so they cant talk and if they talk you get to punch them.if you are quite for ages and want to talk again without getting punched you just write down on a peice on paper say (your name three times)example: lily lily lily .give that paper to someone and when they read it and say your name three times you would be aloud to talk again. From me the awesome meerkat

Is it still a jinx if you cough at the same time as another person?

No, it has never been a jinx. This is superstition.

What is a jinx in Harry Potter?

A "jinx" is formed when two people speak the same words at the same time, whoever says "jinx" first then the other person is "jinxed". To be "jinxed" is to not be able to speak or the other person is allowed to punch you, if somebody besides you or the other person says the jinxed person's name three times and therefore they may talk again.

What is it called when someone says the same thing at the same time?

JINX! You owe me a soda!

What happens if you see the same thing twice?

Nothing happens if you see the same thing twice. People who are said to have already experienced something before it actually happened are said to be having deja vu. This means a person is doing something or seen something they feel they've already done before.

What happens when a solid is warmed and why?

mass and something are same

Are often and seldom the same?

No, often and seldom are not the same. "Often" means something happens frequently or regularly, while "seldom" means something happens rarely or infrequently.

Something that happens the same way every time under the same conditions?

Reliably predictable.

Is the result the same as the conclusion?

No, a result is something that happens because of something else. A conclusion is a desicion that you come to.

Is love and death the same?

No. Death is something that happens to a person. Love is a feeling.

What will happen if there is no weathering of rocks?

it will stay the same unless something else happens to it