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What happens if you add benzoic acid to nitric acid with a concentrated sulfuric acid catalyst?


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NIitration on the meta- position of benzoic acid will happen.

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Nothing happens because gold doesn't react with sulfuric acid.

when mixed sulfuric acid with water in the presence of oxygen nothing happens but the acid turned from concentrated acid will turn into diluted acid.

Cu + 2H2SO4 ---> CuSO4 + 2H2O + SO2 This reaction only happens when the sulfuric acid is hot and concentrated.

Dilute sulfuric acid has no effect on sugar. However, if the acid is sufficiently concentrated, the sugar decomposes to form carbon soot, which is black in color.

You get dilute sulphuric acid. A point to note though, concentrated acids are dehydrating agents.

It slowly absorbs moisture (water molecules) from air and becomes diluted with the passage of time.

The chemical reaction (a dehydration reaction) is:C12H22O11 + H2SO4 = 12 C + 11 H2O

Pb2+ --> PbSO4(s)Concentrated sulfuric acid will 'burn' or 'carbon'ise acetate (CH3COO-) to Carbon black, CO2(g) and H2O(l) and some other intermediate products.Be very carefull! Very exothermic!You should never work with concentrated acids un-gided and unprotected!.

Nothing happens if the solution is not too concentrated for sulfuric acid that is. All 4 kinds of ions stay in solution and unchanged. Na+, NO3-, H+, SO42-

Nothing happens. Gold will not react with sulfuric acid.

Nothing - lead is the most recommended material for handling hot dilute sulphuric acid. Concentrated acid is a little different.

You will get benzoic acid as a result. The benzoic salt will gain a Hydrogen from the HCl; thus, becoming benzoic acid, and the Cl shall remain by itself in suspension if you're mixing the two together in an aqueous solution.

no reaction will take place because copper does not react with dilute sulphuric acid, it will only react with hot and concentrated sulphuric acid.

Thermal decomposition to water and carbon dioxide.

When NaOH is mixed with benzoic acid in water, it produces sodium benzoate. This compound is composed of stronger ionic bonds.

Sulfuric acid is a dehydrating agent. It will dehydrate you proteins.

Benzoic acid is insoluble in hydrochloric acid. And the two substances will not react. Mixing these two chemicals will not yield any results.

it is incorporated into the reactants

You get a less concentrated form of sulphuric acid.

For a true catalyst ... nothing However, they can be contaminated, disperced, vaporized, or otherwise lost.

Nothing new when in diluted solution, which is mostly the case I suppose: Nothing happens if the solution is not too concentrated for sulfuric acid that is. All 4 kinds of ions stay in solution and unchanged. K+, NO3-, H+, SO42- 2KNO3+H2SO4=K2SO4+2HNO3

When you iron is mixed with sulfuric acid, it creates FeSO4 and H2. It may heavily depend on how strong the sulfuric acid was.

The chemical reactions of sulfuric acid are chemical changes.

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