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What happens if you cheat on stardoll?

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Answered 2011-01-24 11:42:47

your can't cheat on stardoll add me on stardoll superjosh1234

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What is the Stardoll Stamp on stardoll.com and how do you use it?

THIS IS ALL THE PEOPLE ON STARDOLL... Stardoll stamp is a cheat, it does not work!

What is a cheat to get stardollers on stardoll?

Ok just so everyone knows, there are NO cheats for stardoll!

How do you make stardoll cheats?

You can not necessarily make a cheat.

How can you get grass for regular members on stardoll?

there use to be a cheat to get free grass if ya want it go to stardoll insiders

A cheat for money on stardoll that works even if your not a superstar?

Sorry, but there is NO cheat for free money on stardoll, and DON'T EVER believe anyone who says they can give you money or whatever cuz they are hackers !BTW: If you want free stuff on stardoll go to www.fab-stardoll.blogspot.com

Can you cheat on panfu without getting banned?

No u can cheat like ask pandas or read blogs but its not stardoll

Is Ashley Tisdale's nickname Nutella or Pokerface or Pookernut?

CHEAT! you are cheating the stardoll quiz :(

What happens when someone reports you on stardoll?

callie the stardoll will check what you have writtento people if its like reaally bad callie the stardoll will block u from that person you have written bad stuff to

What is the cheat for the free dkny dress for stardoll?

Sorry but you cant get free dkny dress. I know i was disappointed too when i heard that. BUT SORRY THERE IS NO CHEAT FOR DKNY.

Starpoint Hair Cheat?

You used to be able to get the 4000 starpoint hair: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_4NDpaGiXqBw/Swe1XmCf2uI/AAAAAAAAAjw/-AINyDIj5Hw/s1600/4000+starpoints+hair+style.jpg But stardoll stopped that glitch. There are no longer any ways to cheat for Stardoll hair.

What is the cheat of hair dye at stardoll?

There really isn't one this is question i have been asking for ages xxx

What happens if you cheat in the Olympics?

If you cheat in the Olympics you are stripped of your medal.

Is there a cheat for stardoll royalty?

The site in related links gives you free stardoll royalty for a year and works but you have to be a superstar that has been a member for 6 months or over, go to the site for more details.

What happens when you cheat on your soul mate?

If you really love them, why would you ever cheat?

Is there actually any stardoll nonsuperstar stardollar cheat?

No stardollar cheats work they just waste your time and slow down your computer.

You neeed stardoll cheat codes that accttually work?

no i have tryied them on my other accounts and have failed but if you find something please tell me. pretty4mylife

What is the stardoll e?

its a stardoll you can make it on stardoll ,com from england

What happens if you cant see that club and friends on stardoll?

Hey, Lol! This happens a lot to people when they join some clubs it randomly does that. So it doesn't mean your clubs have been deleted or the clubs you joined disappeared. What you can do when that happens is just log off your account and everything will be fixed :) btw- add me on stardoll: mariros1998

Stardoll won't let me purchase my design?

if stardoll wont let you buy your design, then something is wrong with the system. the same thing happens to me but it usually works in a few days. <3 Or check if you have enough money, sometimes stardoll doesn't work but in the next few days it will. Join my club girlshasgossip or add me on stardoll. Im sugar2m31

What is a Stardoll free clothes cheat?

The best way to get free clothes is to join groups. Almost all groups will offer something for free.

How do you get 1000 stardollars on stardoll for free?

how do you get 1000 stardoll stardoll for free

What happens when Stardoll superstar expires?

You just stop being superstar and loose the rooms you opened in the suite.

Where is there a shop with stardoll in?

click on to brands at the top and click the stardoll or stardoll archieve

Where do you get cheats on GTASA?

u can get cheats for gta sa on cheatplanet or cheat happens and other cheat websites.

How do you get message from other websites on stardoll?

Umm.... you don't- stardoll is only connected WITH stardoll- it's not like an Email. you get messages from stardoll friends and stardoll admin- that's it. -Kiki7324

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