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Reaction of Zinc with Copper(I) oxide (cuprous oxide, Cu2O), a red powder;

2 Zn + Cu2O →2 Zn O + 2 Cu

and Reaction of Zinc with Copper(II) oxide (cupric oxide, CuO), a black powder;

Zn + CuO →Zn O + Cu

Reason :- The most reactive metals (for example Zn) can displace any of the metals (for example Cu) which are lower in the reactivity series; the higher metal reduce the ions of the lower metal. Reference :

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You can't combine zinc oxide and copper because they are both metals! You can combine base and acid. You can't combine metal and metal. It cannot be done. Never heard of it.

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Q: What happens if you combine zinc oxide and copper?
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Why does zinc plus copper oxide equal copper plus zinc oxide?

Because the zinc is "oxydised" and the copper is "reduced"

Does zinc usually combine with copper?

Alloys of zinc and copper are well known. There are no chemical compounds of zinc and copper.

What happens to magnesium carbonate copper carbonate zinc carbonate and calcium carbonate when they are heated?

They form magnesium oxide, copper oxide etc. and will form carbon dioxide as a byproduct.

What does Zinc usually combine with?


How do you separate copper from copper oxide?

I think you mean how do you extract copper from copper oxide, if so here's your answer. Take your copper oxide and heat it with something that is more reactive than copper. Carbon is a good example. The more reactive carbon will oxidise, taking the oxygen from the copper oxide leaving copper. copper oxide + carbon --> copper + carbon dioxide 2Cu0 + C --> 2Cu + CO2

What happens when you mix zinc and zinc?

u get zinc oxide

What do copper and zinc make?

SO4 (sulfate) is soluble only when combined with Ba2+, Pb2+, Ca2+, and Sr2+. Since ZnSO4 is not soluble, nothing happens.

What does copper oxide plus zinc metal form?

Zn(s) + CuO(s) → ZnO(s) + Cu(s) Copper metal and Zinc Oxide is formed.

What happens to the zinc oxide when zinc is formed?

It is 'freed' from oxygen

What is the yellow powder created when heating zinc oxide?

what happens to calcium oxide and zinc oxide when heated?

What happens when you mix iron and Zinc Oxide and heat it?

a redox reaction takes place ( one gains oxygen and the other looses oxygen) the zinc (oxide) is displaced and the iron becomes iron oxide and zinc oxide becomes zinc

What happens when zinc is dipped in a copper sulfate solution Zinc is higher on the activity series than copper.?

Zinc becomes plated with copper.