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Q: What happens if you eat all the stuff you should avoid when pregnant?
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What should people avoid in their diet?

sugary stuff dumbo

What should a woman wear if they are pregnant?

you should shop at pea in the podd. they have great stuff!

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because alot of stuff happens in Missouri like tornadoes, amd other stuff

What happens if you have brown stuff on your panties and pregnant?

heard could mean mischarage if u had somethin like yer period too

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You should not cuss or write bad stuff. This is a community, not a place 4 friends.

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What food should you avoid when pregnant?

any unpasturised cheeses - soft cheeses like Brie and camembert things with raw eggs in like home-made mayonaise (although the shop bought stuff is ok prawns nuts alcohol too much caffiene

Is it bad to eat beans after a tooth extraction?

People dont get their tooth before, 45, so they should avoid hard stuff.

What are some good things to do when pregnant?


How to pretend to be pregnant?

stuff blankets in your shirt.

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Yas they can become pregnant i have seen it on youtube