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Nothing, it actually is completely irrelevant.

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Nothing really happens. My understanding is that you can only get held back a grade if you're failing two core classes at minimum (math, elar, science, history)

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Q: What happens if you fail a middle school elective?
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What happens when you fail the crct?

You will get keep back in Middle school

What happens if you fail school?

If you fail school you will have to go to summer school to make up your grade, and if you don't you will get held back.

What will happen if you fail an elective class?

you will have to do role procution

Why do students fail middle schools?

Students fail middle school because they probably want to act cool like there friends.

What happens when you fail math class for the year btw iam in7th grade middle school in new jersey does that mean i have to go to summer school?

Best thing to do is ask your teacher

What happens if you don't come to school?

you will fail the grade that you are in

What happens if you fail classes in school in New York?

You don't move to Florida.

What happens if you pass math 1st semester but fail 2nd semester in middle school?

If you have a failing semester average you will be okay if nof failed to badly. year average failing can result to summer school. Failing in middle school will not be against you in college and work

What happens to high school students that cheat on a test?

expulsion , suspension , fail the test , look stupid. any of the listed

How can a kid fail during the first 3 weeks of middle school?

because they are dead!

What starts with a K that is some fact about Utah?

Do your Homework by yourself, if you cheat through Elementary school, you will fail in Middle school.

What happens if you fail a drug test for sports?

you get kicked off the team and probably out of school