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What happens if you get a speeding ticket in South Carolina and live in Ohio and don't pay the ticket?


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April 08, 2018 4:24AM

Unless you visit South Carolina a lot don't worry about it. What will happen is a warrant will be issued to your name in South Carolina. But it doesn't matter because you can only get arrested on that warrant in S.C.. Minor traffic violations are only state wide not nation wide. If you aer in Ohio and you get pulled over by the police, they process your name it won't come up. Only felonies are nation wide.

Now don't forget. If you go back to S.C. where you have the warrant you can now get arrested for failure to appear. Only serving at the most 2 days in jail and a court date will be set up right away and the judge will give you either a personal recog bond or make you pay the fine on the ticket. Then release you. So the bottom line is stay the hell out of S.C.

However, some states do talk, and it's possible that your license could be suspended if Ohio finds out about your failure to pay the ticket. The best thing to do is pay the fine. If you pay on time and don't argue with them, it probably won't ever show up on your driving record. However, if Ohio finds out about it (if SC calls them up and tells them,) the suspension for unpaid fines and the ticket itself will go on your OH driving record.