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Well, you'd still be held liable for any debts you have incurred, and almost any company can track you to Another Country, where they'd still attempt to collect. The SOL's may not apply to debts deliberately incurred and then defaulted on in such a manner. Entries will be expunged from the debtor's credit report. Likewise, there will be no record of current credit history so and it may prove difficult to restablish a good credit rating under such circumstances. The laws of the U.S. concerning debtor's do not apply outside of the country. However, bank accounts or other property belonging to the absentee debtor can be seized by a judgment creditor.

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Q: What happens if you leave the country for ten years as an alternative to bankruptcy?
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Can a debtor leave the country?

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If you are an additional card holder on a parent's credit card account and you file bankruptcy will the bankruptcy appear on their credit?

The bankruptcy will appear on their credit if you include this card in your bankruptcy. If you leave the card off the bankruptcy, it will not effect their credit.

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Would filing chapter 7 bankruptcy clear foreclosure from your credit report?

No, in fact it will leave a Bankruptcy record on your credit report for 10 years.

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Can you leave out credit card debts when filing bankruptcy?

no, all creditors must be listed.

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techically you can leave the country, but you would be adding a charge of evation.

How many months do you need on Australian passport to leave the country?

as soon as you have it in your hand you can leave the country.

If you get married on a fiance visa can you leave the country after you get married for a honeymoon?

You need passports to leave the country.

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To leave one's country of birth is known as emigration or to emigrate.

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What, and leave me to pay your bills? Don't be a parasite on society!

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Yes, you can leave the country if your driving privileges are suspended.

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To leave one's country of residence to another is called to immigrate.

Can you immigrate to another country with bankruptcy filing?

If you're currently in bankruptcy and have not been discharged (i.e. the court is still processing your case, or you are in some kind of a paydown plan prior to discharge) the answer is usually no. In some countries (such as Australia) it's actually illegal to leave the country while your bankruptcy is in process without written permission of the judge (typically only given for compelling and compassionate circumstances - such as a family emergency.)In other places where it isn't technically illegal (such as the United States) it may not be looked upon favorably by the judge and may weaken the rationale of your case ("...if you can afford to travel overseas, then you can probably afford to pay your debts") doubly so if you miss a hearing or filing deadline as a result of your absence. If you absolutely must travel during your bankruptcy, it's best to discuss this court first.If your bankruptcy has been finalized and you've been discharged, then as far as your country of origin is concerned - you're free to leave.Keep in mind that the country you're immigrating or traveling to may or may not take your previous bankruptcy into consideration when applying for a visa. Many countries are less concerned with your financial history and care more about whether you can support yourself going forward, while others may deny a visa solely based on a recent bankruptcy. If you've been through bankruptcy or have debt judgments against you, it's best to seek the advice of a qualified immigration attorney who knows the laws of your destination country.

What happens if you leave the country on a bond in Illinois?

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