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Not much in most places.

You can not drive it or park it on the street.

In some places to re-register it may require a safety inspection.

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Q: What happens if you let the registration of a car you do not use expire?
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What happens if you dont recertify your NLS within 2 years?

can you recertify if you let your certification to expire.

When you expire you let out a breath?


What happens if you let someone drive your car when they have a revoked license and they get caught?

your mom happens.

Selling an unregistered car but have title?

Go ahead! You do not need a registration to sell the car, unless you are in a state where the registration and the title are one and the same thing (there may not be any of these states left).However, you DO need a registration and insurance to responsibly let a prospective buyer drive the car, or to legally take it to where you are completing the sale, unless you tow it.

What happens if you let an underage driver drive your rental car?

you will

What happens if you let a prepaid phone expire then want to reactivate it?

You cant reactivate the prepayed phone because it had already expired, so you will have to get a new one:)

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You lost your car paper registration what happens if you get pulled over in the state of Florida?

if that is the ONLY thing that you can't provide, and no serious circumstances are pending against you, the police officer can let it go or he can issue a citation in which you usually have 30 days to comply to provide registration and maybe will have to pay a small fine. In Florida the compliance penalties for most traffic infractions are mandated by the county.

If your car was repossessed 3 months ago what do you do with the registration renewal from the CA DMV?

Throw it away. If you want to let them know you no longer own the car, send back a letter to the address or call them.

Can you not renew your license plate sticker for a year?

No. Every vehicle must maintain constant full and legal registration. If you let the license sticker expire the vehicle must be parked and not driven. If you do this, the likliehood is that the license plate will also expire and next year you will have to re-register, and pay the fees, all over again just as if the vehicle were never registered.