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At best, nothing will happen; the appliances won't run. At worst, the appliance will try to run on the lower voltage, fail to do so, and damage some of the mechanical parts. This is one of the reasons why a 240V appliance has a different plug than a 110V item.

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Q: What happens if you plug a 240V electrical appliance into a 120V circuit?
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What happens if you plug a 120V electrical appliance into a 240V circuit?

This scenario can not happen as the two types of plugs have different pin configurations. This is done for safety reasons so that these types of mistakes will not happen.

What happens if you plug a 120V appliance into a 240V outlet?

You will burn up your appliance!!!!!

Can a kitchen stove be on the small appliance circuit?

No, unless it's a gas range. An electric range requires 240V and 40A while a small appliance will be 120V and Max 15A.

Can you tap into a 240V circuit to get 120V?

On a pure 240V circuit, no. There is no neutral. On a 240/120V circuit, yes. You have the needed neutral. Tapping 120volts off an existing 240volt branch circuit with a neutral is possible but is not a proper method. It does not comply with most electrical codes.

What happens to the amperes if you plug a 220V appliance into a 120V outlet?

The amps drawn will be cut in half but the appliance motor, if there is one, may not be able to start up and burn up.

How do you plug a 120V appliance into an outlet wired for a 240V?

you get an adapter

Can 120V appliance work with 220V?

120V appliance will not work on 220V. Use an instrument transformer or voltage regulator to adjust the high voltage to the desired level.

How can you convert US 120V or 240V circuit into a single-phase 240V circuit to use on a European appliance?

The voltage isn't a problem, you can run 220 from your house and use that to run a European appliance, the problem is whether the appliance is dependant on line HZ. European is 50HZ and US is 60HZ. If the appliance specifies 220/50HZ, it will probably give you trouble here. If it says 220V/50 or 60HZ

In a home that has 120 Volt service there is an electric appliance that has a resistance of 12 ohms How much power will this appliance consume in watts?

120V / 12 ohms = 10amps. 120V * 10amps = 1200 Watts.

Can I use a 120v rated bulb in a 240v socket on a 120v circuit?


In a home has 120v service there is an electric appliance that a risistance of 12 how much power will this appliance consume?

1440 Watts

Can you use a 125V appliance in a 120V outlet?

No problem what so ever. The 125 volt rating on the appliance is the maximum amount of voltage that is recommended for the appliance. This recommendation is set by the manufacturer of the appliance.

Can you plug a 120v appliance in a 115v outlet?

Yes, no problem at all.

If a 120 volt current is protected by a 25 amp circuit breaker What is the largest number of watts an appliance can safely use?

if its a single current its 120v X 25 amp = 3000 watts

Will a 120V appliance work on a 115V outlet?

Yes. It's functionally the same.

How many ohms is a 120 volts?

"Volts" is electrical pressure applied to a circuit; whereas, "ohms" is electrical resistance to that pressure. One cannot determine ohms from voltage without knowing either the current (in "amps") or power (in "watts"). A normal 120V household circuit can handle a maximum of 20 amps, so using ohm's law of resistance = voltage / current, the minimum resistance required in a 120V household circuit would be 6 ohms. Any less than 6 ohms will cause the circuit breaker to trip.

What is the resistance of a circuit with 120V and 10A?

12 ohms

How do you upgrade the service from a 120V 100A circuit breaker to 240V 30A for appliances like ovens and dryers?

Have an electrician wire you a proper line for the appliance. You were just kidding about the 100A, right? 10, or 20amp, not 100.

What is the voltage of a series circuit with four voltage drops of 30 volts?

there is 120V across the circuit.

How do you change 120v appliances into 240v appliances?

You don't unless it shows a dual rating on the appliance.

What amp circuit breaker should be used for a 120v 2.5 amp appliance?

If the appliance is just to be plugged into a circuit with multiple outlets then you just need to make sure that the sum of currents for all devices on the circuit are less than the rated current. A rule of thumb is total current should be no greater than 80% of the rated current. So you might have a 20 A breaker and several 2.5 A appliances on this circuit. If you have a dedicated circuit for the appliance you would only need to size the breaker for the maximum current being drawn by the appliance. If the appliance contained a motor then there might be a start-up current that might be as high as 15 amps so you would likely go to a 20 amp breaker for a safety margin. As a practical matter a dedicated circuit for an appliance in the 2.5 amp range should have a 15 amp breaker. I always install a 20 amp breaker just for added margin and possible future applications.

What is the current in a 120v circuit if the resistance 20ohm?

6 amps

Can you buy a 120v appliance and use it with a 220v outlet?

A high voltage will certainly damage a low voltage appliance and perhaps set fire to other things nearby.

Will 110V appliance work with a 120V outlet?

Yes, as long as the device is within 10% of the rated voltage.

Can you plug in a 120v appliance into a socket in UK?

No, the cord ends have different configurations to prevent this sort of thing from happening.