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It is perfectly fine to put eye drops in your ear , but NEVER put ear drops in your eyes.

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Q: What happens if you put eye drops in your ear?
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What to do if you put ear drops into your eye?

you quickly wash the eye you put the ear drops in,with water

What happens when you put tear drops in someones drink?

nothing. but if you put EYE drops in someones drink they will have an intestinal situation.

Can you put ciprodex eye drops in your kittens weepy eyes?

ciprodex is actually only for the EAR and should not be used in the eye for anyone or thing

What to do if you stayed home with pink eye and an ear infection How do I get rid of pinkeye?

the best thing to do would be to get drops and close your eye and put a tea bag on it

Will eye drops put you to sleep?


How can you stop your eye from itching with out eye drops?

put ice on it

What happens to your eyes if you put too many eye drops in them?

Eyes become blur and some gets into the system

How do you reduce eye burning?

put eye drops in your eye! ENJOY :D

Can you put in eye drops for colored contacts?


What happens when you put more drops than recommended eye drops?

If they are prescription eye drops, you are over medicating and also the drops will not last the amount of time they should. If you use eyedrops a lot, be certain to use the ones that are liquid tears. Then, you will not have the other problems that regular use of ones for red eye will cause.

Why does my dog shake her head and scratch her ears?

She has an ear infection or something in there. There is a ear cleaner you can buy to put drops into the ears. Feel the base of the ear if there is a liquid sound to it there is an infection. When you put the drops in, rub that area at the base of the ear to help the drops work. Do it softly because if there is an infection it can be tender. You don't have to put much in for it to work. A couple of drops and this cleans the ears naturally.

How do you use drops and ointment?

for drops you can put in your eye or nose and ointments you neither drink them or put them on your body

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