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the nail polish will mess up!! and it will be your fault!! burn!!

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because its either chipped broken or ur not putting it in ur mouth right

Putting cold liquid in your ears can cause vomiting because of how it affects your equilibrium. It's a shock to your ear canal, ear drum and everything inside of your ear. When this is thrown off balance, it can make you nauseous.

The electrons will spend most of their time around the more electronegative atom, putting a slightly negative charge on it. The other atom will exhibit a slightly positive charge (the strength of which depending on the electronegativity o the other atom). If a molecule has this unequal sharing, it is said to be 'polar'.

You can change the wheels for a norrower wheel, as well as putting on a slightly longer chain.

you can start putting songs and apps on it !!!

well it depends if you're putting it in more or putting out more air which increases or decreases

Not to sure but I have been taking 3 capsules a day for the past 3 weeks and have experienced worsening nauseous in the morning to the point where i have woke up the last 2 days vomiting, Putting it down to the evening primrose oil as the side effects include nauseous vomiting among other things. 18 Male

it reduces loading times (slightly) and fixes small glitches.

1. It is old and has been corroded away 2. You are putting in the key wrong 3. Wrong key! 4. The key has chipped off I recommend getting a new key....

Your not putting it in hard enough. When you do there will be a popup and sometimes there is a sound.

Putting things with metal in a microwave causes sparks to fly.

Try putting a piece in a glass of water and see what happens...

Viking funeral often involved putting the corpse in a boat and setting fire to it

He is probably putting food inside its cheeckpockets. Nothing to worry about.

They can die if you don't treat them by putting wet mud from a spruce on the sting

You could be nauseous because your body is getting used to it again, or because you're pregnant, or for some unrelated reason. If you had unprotected sex during that "one week late," then take a pregnancy test. Otherwise, just contact your health care provider if the nausea continues for more than a week, or sooner if you have other symptoms.

That depends. If your headphones are slightly broken or your putting it on so loud someone else could hear it from 5ft away, they will damage your ears

(Oil floats) mostly mixes with the water forming emulsion which clogs the radiator.

They breathe through their mouths.try putting vix under their nose

check for a broken wire at the speaker happens all the time from putting stuff in the trunk

putting magnets in high temperature makes it harder for it being a magnet so it will not attract metals .

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