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What happens if you starve yourself for three weeks and only drink water and juice?

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June 27, 2008 8:22PM

== == * You are really harming yourself. Starving yourself

doesn't actually make for a good diet. Your brain needs protein

(from dairy products and meat products) and your colon needs

grains, leafy green vegetables to work properly. Your kidneys and

other organs need that 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day to

flush out fat and toxins. Fruits are a must and are full of vitamin

C. Exercise is important as well. By doing what you are doing you

are starving your body and before you know it the body will turn on

itself and start feeding off itself and you'll lose muscle mass and

have a myriad of problems with your body. Get smart! If you find it

difficult to do this on your own please join Weight Watchers

(teaches good eating habits while you maintain a good weight). No,

I don't work for Weight Watchers, but go when I feel those lbs. hit

me around the holidays. * If you only have three weeks, then you

can lose a lot of weight. You should eat some healthy soups and

vegetables though. It will be tough the first few days but by about

day four you will feel great.

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