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== == * You are really harming yourself. Starving yourself doesn't actually make for a good diet. Your brain needs protein (from dairy products and meat products) and your colon needs grains, leafy green vegetables to work properly. Your kidneys and other organs need that 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day to flush out fat and toxins. Fruits are a must and are full of vitamin C. Exercise is important as well. By doing what you are doing you are starving your body and before you know it the body will turn on itself and start feeding off itself and you'll lose muscle mass and have a myriad of problems with your body. Get smart! If you find it difficult to do this on your own please join Weight Watchers (teaches good eating habits while you maintain a good weight). No, I don't work for Weight Watchers, but go when I feel those lbs. hit me around the holidays. * If you only have three weeks, then you can lose a lot of weight. You should eat some healthy soups and vegetables though. It will be tough the first few days but by about day four you will feel great.

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What happens when you drink milk and orange juice?

You vomit

What happens when people drink death juice?

That person will die

What happens when you drink expired juice?

If you drink expired juice, then it will taste off and you will know it is expired. Always check the expiration date of things when you use it. If you DO drink expired juice, you might get a minor stomachache and if will have a HORRIBLE aftertaste.

What happens if you donate 2 pints of blood?

You get a cookie and a drink of juice

What happens when you take Viagra and drink grapefruit juice?

that's inappropriate

What happens if man drink womans pussy juice?

He gets horny.

What happens if you drink diluting juice without water?

you would throw up

What happens if you drink unrefrigerated prune juice after it has been opened?

Prune juice on its own has flushing effects on the digestive system. Opened, unrefrigerated prune juice is seen as potentially dangerous to drink depending on how long it has been left out, or how old the juice is.

What happens when you drink expired juice while pregnant?

You are able to drink it, means that taste was not bad and most probably it is harmless.

Is juice a soft drink?

A juice is not a soft drink.

What happens if you drink too much orange juice?

Orange juice has a lot of calories in it. It. You would probably gain weight from the calories.

What happens if you drink expired prune juice?

Just drank some I will let you know.

What happens if you drink moldy juice?

I've tried before and believe me the results are not good

Can you drink cranberry juice?

yes you can drink cranberry juice. I love cranberry juice

Can you drink juice while taking penicillin?

you can drink juice, just not grapefruit juice.

What happens when you drink fizzy juice with braces on?

it is fine to drink fizzy drinks as long as you brush your teeth 3 times a day

What happens if you drink bad apple juice while 7 months pregnant?

You could drink it, means it was not 'that' bad. You will not get any problem.

Is tomato juice a sweet drink or a savory drink?

Tomato juice is a savory drink.

Can dogs drink orange juice?

can dogs drink orange juice?

Will bees drink strawberry juice?

No bee's will not drink strawberry juice

What were Jews forced to do in concentration camps?

They had to drink juice

What happens if you consume too much tomato juice?

In my class, our teacher did a thing of who could drink the most tomato juice. The answer is simple: You throw up.

National Drink of Pakistan?

The national drink or juice of Pakistan is (the juice of sugarcane).

Can you drink expired apple juice?

Anyone CAN drink expired apple juice.

Do people in the Philippines drink orange juice?

yah, we do drink orange juice,..