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Any files that you have on your computer get wiped and you have to setup your computer all over again. Don't do it I did and I had to reload everything

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Q: What happens if you turn off your laptop while it's installing?
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Why do my laptop keys stop working after a while?

Your laptop keys turn off after a while if the sticky keys are turned on.

Why does your laptop turn off when you put it on top of another laptop that is turned on?

It should not do that. Nor should you do that either. If it happens quickly it is probably something to do with the lid closing and going into standby/hibernation. If it happens slowly it is probably something to do with overheating.

What happens when a laptop put into sleep mode for a long time?

It will turn off. Because "sleeping" still takes power from the battery, unless the laptop is connected to the power source.

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That happens every once in a while, you just turn it off and turn it back on.

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How do you reformat your windows 2000 pro laptop with windows xp home?

Go to Microsoft website and download this file 'WinXP_EN_HOM_BF', extract it and follow the instructions to purge your laptop so you can install XP Home Ed. This will completely wipe your laptop clean and you can begin with the new OS. PS: It is asumed that the word 'reformat' defines as formatting and installing a new OS. Otherwise, turn on your laptop, eject the CD player, turn off laptop and just put in the new OS and turn on again. Follow the instructions. It should overide any old OS. Warning: Be sure to have a backup of all your personal files.

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