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People choose a name for a Muslim baby

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2009-09-16 17:56:00
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Q: What happens in a Muslim naming ceremony?
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What is a Muslim baby naming ceremony called?

Well a Muslim baby ceremony is called a Aqiqah.

Where does a Muslim naming ceremony happen?

synagogue or at home

What is the Muslim naming ceremony called?

It is called Aqiqah :).

What happens in Muslim naming ceremonies?

the muslims name their muslim baby

What happens at Hindu naming ceremony?

in Hindu naming ceremony, people of impotence gather. They celebrate new comer baby in to this world and name him or her According to Hinduism.

What happens before a Muslim wedding ceremony?


What happens in a baby naming ceremony Judaism?

I attending a Jewish girl baby naming ceremony at my Reform Synagogue, and the rabbi wrapped her prayer shawl around the baby and her parents, said blessings, sang songs, and gave them a baby naming certificate.

How is the naming ceremony of the Gas of Ghana performed?

how gas in ghana peforms their naming ceremony

Does a Nigerian naming ceremony have to be in a church?

no, but alot of them are. overall though a Nigerian naming ceremony can be in a church(or mosque if the family is Muslim), family house, hall, and etc. However it's required that a pastor(or a imam), and elder or elder representative of the family present in the naming ceremony because some parts of the ceremony has to be done by the pastor (or imam). Beside's that it's a small intimate ceremony celebrated with family and friends, food, freshments, music and etc.

Is a circumcision a naming ceremony?


What is the function name for baby naming?

Baby naming ceremony

Where is Sikh baby taken after naming ceremony?

Naming ceremony takes place at a Gurudwara and after that the bay returns home.

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