What happens in sex that causes urinary tract infections in women Does the size of mans penis if very large cause problems with uti?

If your having unprotected sex you need to make sure you clean yourself after , it's the sperm inside of you irritating your insides which will cause you to have an infection, has happened to me many a time. Just make sure you use the restroom and clean yourself after and you should be rid of your infections. if you don't plan on getting the infection.

Actually, the above mostly refers to vaginal infections and irritation. Having unprotected sex can transmit a lot worse diseases than urinary tract infections, but lets stick to the original question. What happens during sex that leads to urinary tract infections? Your urinary tract is not inside your vagina! But the opening to your urethra is within the inner labia between the clitoris and the vagina. That means that during sexual intercourse, the thrusting motion of a man's penis, or a dildo, whether protected by a condom or not, can cause bacteria from outside the body to be rubbed into the opening of the urethra. If not rinsed out, that bacteria can cause urinary tract infections. The longer and more physical the sex, the higher probability for some bacteria to work their way into the opening. Once again, it doesn't matter if the sex is protected or unprotected, bacteria can still slide, during all the friction and movement, from the outside of the body into this opening.

The best way to prevent Urinary tract infections happens after sex. Just get up (within 15 minutes or so, before you fall asleep) and go pee. Urine from inside your body is a sterile solution, and it will flush any bad bacteria out of the urethra. Washing externally or douching out the vagina will have no effect on the interior of the urethra. The only way, and coincidentally the easiest and safest possible treatment, is to flush your urinary tract by releasing your bladder.

I can't tell you how many times I wound up in an emergency room during a long holiday weekend before someone told me this simple fact. Pee after you have sex. Every time. Since I learned this, I have gone from chronic UTI infections to zero UTI infections in the last 15 years.