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Come on, do you really want it spoiled? If you want to find out, you should read it.

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Charlie Bone & The Red Knight

There won't be a book 9 of Charlie bone, the red knight is officially the last book of the series.

unfortunately, there won't be a book 9. charlie bone and the red knight, the eighth, book will be the last one.

There isn't one. The last book was #8, Charlie Bone and the Red Knight.

No. Jenny Nimmo said that Charlie Bone and the Red Knight (Book 8) will be the last in the series.

It wont be coming out the 8th book is the last book in the series sadly.

It is called Charlie Bone and the red knight. It was supposed to come out last year but didn't.

It is the last Chapter in Charlie Bone and the hidden king

No there is not. Thereare only 8 books. Charlie Bone And The Red Knight is the last book.

there is not a book 9, book 8 is the last book.

no, the 8 book is the last one

Yes this is the last book. Charlie and the gang will most likely A) destroy the Shadow and B) have Lyell Bone, Charlie's father, to remember where the deed to the academy is. It is speculated that Billy Raven will be rich and own Bloor's Academy, as the deed originally belonged to the Ravens. The series will be over and the book has been released.

Yes, Charlie Bone and the Red Knight is the last book but if you go to 'Ask Jenny' on then one of the questions is can I know more about Emma Tolly and Jenny Nimmo wrote I might one day write about Emma Tolly or any of the other 'Good Guy' when they are young adults!

The last book of the walking dead focuses on what happens to Rick and his group.

in the series yeah. but there is extra books

The last Bone book is titled Crown of Horns, released in 2004.Try if you're looking for the Bone paperbacks.

The last book Raold Dahl wrote was 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator'.

In a way he has it just in a different form. In the fourth book Manfred told Billy if he wanted to get adopted he had to steal the wand he did (can you really blame him an 8 year old orphan) Manfred burned it but it didn't get destroyed it turned into a moth. Charlie still has it her name is Claerwen

No the 8th is the last one Jenny Nimmo said that she was writing a seris about the Red King

The last book, it never tells what happens to him.

No. In the last book, breaking dawn, he almost finds out.

You have got to be kidding me, just read the goddamn book!

You would get a lot more out of it if you read the book. It's fabulous.

Type Your Answer Here..... ALOT of stuff happens in the books leading up to the last one but Rose and Dimitri get together in the last book