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Her Middle Name Was Jane.........Mary Jane Mcleod Bethune

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.

If Mary had a middle name, it is not mentioned in either the Bible nor in tradition.

Her middle name was Mary.

Her middle name is Lucille.

Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School was created in 2005-09.

Mary Downing Hahn wrote Deep and Dark and Dangerous.

Dunham's middle name is Mary. :)

Mary-Kate doesn't have one, but Ashley's middle name is Fuller.

deep dark and dangerous' author is Mary downing hahn

Her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, so her two middle names are Alexandra and Mary.

If you mean Mary Mouser best known from Frenemies then her middle name is Matilyn. Yep. Her first, middle, and last name all start with M.

Nicole Kidman's middle name is Mary.

A good middle name for Baily is Grace. Baily Grace. A good middle name for Baily is Anne. Bailey Anne. A good middle name for Baily is Mary. Bailey Mary.

Mrs. Claus' middle name was Mary. She was named after the mother of Jesus. Her full name is Jessica Mary Claus.

mary ludwig or known as molly pitcher was from the middle colonies.

A song of. Ariana is actually my name, and my middle name is Marie which means Mary. So my first name and middle name means, A Song Of Mary.

Mary M. Anderson has written: 'Pregnancy after thirty' -- subject(s): Childbirth in middle age, Pregnancy in middle age

A good middle name for Tess could be Mary.

Mary Ruth Coleman has written: 'Blending middle school philosophy and the education of gifted students' -- subject(s): Gifted children, Education (Middle school), Middle schools

It was written about his girlfriend Kathy Echingham, whose middle name is Mary.

It was her middle name, and I read that she decided to use it when she registered with Actor's Equity, since there were already a couple of other Mary Moores on the list.

Name the woman who was once labeled "the most dangerous woman in America".Does she sound dangerous to you?Mary Johns

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