Zoey 101

What happens to James on Zoey 101?

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Who was zoey's boyfriend from Zoey 101?

Zoey's boyfriend in Zoey 101 is Chase Mathews because they were always by each other sides and that's James is not her boyfriend in Zoey 101.

Who replaced zoey 101 on zoey 101?

No one has replaced Zoey 101 in Zoey 101.

In zoey 101 where did James come from?


Why does Zoey break up with James in Zoey 101?

because she still loves chase

What is the Zoey 101 movie called?

There has been a total of 4 Zoey 101 films. However, they are TV films and weren't released in the cinema. They are called:Zoey 101: Spring Break-UpZoey 101: The Curse of PCAZoey 101: Goodbye Zoey?Zoey 101: Chasing Zoey

How old is zoey in zoey 101?

Zoey in Zoey 101 is sixteen years of age.

Why did James replace chase on zoey 101?

too old

What comes in a Zoey 101 showbag?

{| ! |- ! | 1 Zoey 101 Satchel Bag 19.95 1 Zoey 101 Sequin Belt 5.95 1 Zoey 101 Make Up Palette 4.95 1 Zoey 101 Truckers Cap 12.95 1 Zoey 101 Clutch Purse 4.95 1 Zoey 101 Magnetic Photo Frame 3.95 1 Zoey 101 Necklace 3.95 1 Zoey 101 Notebook 3.95 1 Zoey 101 Nail Art 1.95 |}

What is the zoey 101 font?

What is the zoey 101 font?

On the new zoey 101 does James find out that zoey andd chase are cuming to school?

No. James does not find out, otherwise they would have shown it in that episode.

What is James' real name on Zoey 101?

Austin Butler.

Who was Chord Overstreet on Zoey 101?

Chord is not credited as being on Zoey 101. He looks like Austin Butler who played James Garrett in 11 episodes of Zoey which is where some people may be confused.

What is the newest episode of Zoey 101?

The newest (last) episode of Zoey 101 is Zoey 101: Chasing Zoey~ Its the 65th episode of the 4th season

What are the names of all the zoey 101 episodes?

Zoey 1, Zoey 2, Zoey 3, Zoey 4, Zoey 5.... Zoey 99, Zoey 100, Zoey 101

Who died in Zoey 101?

Nobody died on Zoey 101.

Is PCA from zoey 101 a college?

is pca from zoey 101

Who dies in Zoey 101?

Nobody died on Zoey 101.

What is jaimie lynn's name in zoey 101?

Zoey note Zoey 101 and she is the main character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Jamie Lynn Spears star in Zoey 101?

Yes, she does star in Zoey 101. Zoey 101 plays on Teen Nick.

Who is Chase from Zoey 101?

Sean Flynn is Chase from Zoey 101.

Does chase die in zoey 101?

No, Chase does not die in Zoey 101!

Who created Zoey 101?

Dan Schneider created Zoey 101.

Was Alex Pettyfer in Zoey 101?

No, Alex Pettyfer was not in Zoey 101.

How do you try out for zoey 101?

umm well idk but after chasing Zoey there stopping Zoey 101 for good. So if you were going to audition you should of done it earlier. But I dont really know how they let Austin Robert Butler (James) in.

What year did zoey 101 end?

Zoey 101 ended in May 2008.

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