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The engine can be rebuilt, but you will obviously need a new crankshaft. Also, make sure that when you take the block to a machine shop, that they will align bore it. That's where they remove a small amount of material from the main-bearing mating surfaces and use a special boring rod to put the main's back into perfect alignment. If your crankshaft broke it's certainly possible that there was some damage to the alignment. If you have someone do it for you, make certain that they send it to an experienced machine shop. Too many shadetree mechanics don't have a clue about properly rebuilding an engine. Another possibility would be to get a "crate" engine from the dealership or some reputable specialists. Be careful when dealing with some of the discount auto parts houses. They'll sell "remanufactured" engines that have used parts, such as oil pumps or pistons. Read the labels and make certain that they at least CLAIM to use new parts and bore cylinders and recondition both big and little ends of the rods. Also you want NEW crankshaft and lifters. If youre asking what caused the broken crankshaft, there doesn't seem to be much of a specific cause. It's usually just time and a crankshaft that might have had a minor imperfection at manufacture. It is quite rare, but it happens. It would be difficult to force a crankshaft to break unless it were running high rpm and out of oil... but that would cause quite a bit of other damage as well.

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Q: What happens to a car that has a broken crankshaft?
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