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When an adult male gets horny, the nerve in the base of his penis reacts quickly and often makes the penis stand up and go solid.

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What happens when a girl get horny?

She gets wet

Is it ok for a guy to finger himself what happens when he does that?

You get horny!!!

What does it mean when a guy gets a erection when your kissing?

It means he's horny

When a men gets horny what happens?

He 'grows a horn' (gets an erection) and really wants to have sex.

What happens if man drink womans pussy juice?

He gets horny.

What happens when a guy asks if you are horny?

He is flirting with you, and chances are he wants to have sex.

What is the stiffening of the penis called?

a boner, it happens when the guy sees a girl he likes a lot and is horny.

How can a girl make a guy horny?

dirty talk, masterbation, things such as these. Answer 2: A girl can't make a guy horny. only a guy can make a girl horny

What happens when a butterfly chrysalis falls?

when the chrysails falls from a butterfly in gets horny so it will go crazy

How can you tell if a guy is horny?

Boner. If his penis is hard, he's horny

What happens if you burst your sperm?

it means ur horny n u were thinking about a guy or girl matters if your gay or not

Do girls get horny in school?

yes all the time, everyone gets horny

What does it mean when a guy gets hard?

this could have 2 answers:A man becomes arroused and blood rushes to his penis, making it stand up and firm.A guy becomes arroused through stimulation or mental thoughts and the the above answer basically it means he's horny?

Who created cockalater?

a horny guy

When is Draco visible?

When he gets kinda horny from Harry Potter. He can also get horny from Ron

How do you make a shy guy horny?

get close or just begin to kiss and then he will get horny and want to do it.

How can you make a guy be horny?

What makes me horny is a sexy girl taking off her clothes.

What happens when a girl gets horny?

The correct term is "aroused" and many things happen.

What happeneds when a girl gets horny?

Her vagina usually gets wet.

What happens when you are horny?

A lot of things. Getting horny Is being inexplicably turned on, and it's usually pretty easy to get horny

What are the advantages of graffiti?

It gets zach horny

What does it mean when your vagina gets tingly?

your horny~

What to do when your boyfriend gets horny?

That is your decision.

When she feels he has an erection?

she gets really horny

What does it mean when a guy is horny?

It means, a guy wants to have sex or kiss you.