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It must collect enough mass in order for gravity to be able to turn it into a sphere.

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Q: What happens to a protostar to eventually form a main sequence star?
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Another name for the interstellar matter that will eventually form a star is?

protostar or nebula

What is the correct life sequence of a star?

The correct life sequence of a star starts with a protostar, which forms from a dense cloud of gas and dust. The protostar then evolves into a main sequence star, where it fuses hydrogen atoms to form helium in its core. Depending on its mass, the star will either become a red giant or a supergiant before eventually shedding its outer layers to become a white dwarf, neutron star, or black hole.

Why is the time from protostar to black hole shorter than the time from protostar to white dwarf?

The mass of the progenitor star has to be massive to form a black hole and thus it will have a shorter time on the main sequence compared to a medium sized star.

What was the early form of the sun called?

Before becomming a main sequence star, our sun would have been a protostar. A protostar is where there is a large gathering of contracting gas. Matter falls into a central condensation, when the surrounding gas/dust envelope disperses and the accretion process stops, the star moves towards becoming a main sequence star.

What happens to the rotation of a molecular cloud as it collapses to form a star?

The rotation rate increases and results in a disk of material around a protostar.

What do nebulas form?

The nebula forms into a protostar.

Will a protostar form near the end of a star's life cycle?

No, a protostar is basically the BEGINNING of a star's life cycle.

How does a star start out to be a star?

Clouds of gas called Nebulae may become the foundation for stars to form. Forces of gravity will start to collect gas. When the atoms of mostly hydrogen start to fuse the star is called a protostar. Eventually the star will stop forming and enter the main sequence. This is the point where they are officially a star.

What is the early form of a star?

That's called a "protostar".

Why doesnt a protostar form a black hole?

The pressure within a protostar counters gravity and prevents the star from collapsing further.

When did the first star form?

The actual FIRST STAR is impossible to say when it existed. In the normal evolution of a star it becomes a protostar first. The life of a protostar is about 150,000 years before it becomes a main sequence star. But in the Early universe it is hard to say what was happening. They could have formed in days weeks months or even hours.

What is happening to the star of a protostar?

A protostar is a star that is just beginning to form out of a stellar nebular (under gravity). The core of the gravitational collapse is getting more and more massive and is heating up as a result of the gravimetric contraction but has not yet reached the point where nucleosynthesis has begun in its core. It is when this happens that it becomes a star.