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It rises in temperature.

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What is the most common source of quartz used in making glass is?

Fused quartz. The quartz has been heated over a fire.

What is the chemical reaction used to separate silicon from quartz?

The quartz is heated with carbon in an electric furnace at 3000 degrees C. After the silicon is about 98%

What happens to iodine when heated?

Iodine will sublime when heated.

What happens when matter is heated?

when matter is heated it will expand..

What happens to matter when heated?

When matter is heated it will expand

When matter is heated what happens?

matter expands when heated

What happens to soilds when they are heated?

When solids are heated they turn into liquid

What happens to cloth when heated?

Cloth gets warm when heated.

What happens to plastic when heated?

so what really happens when plastic is heated the plastics can be made into any shape. It melts...

What happens to wood when heated up?

it will take long to be heated up,

What happens to a rubber wheel when its heated?

It will melt if heated hot enough.

What happens to an aerosol can after the can is heated?

The liquid inside a can becomes gas when a can is heated.

Is glass made from quartz?

glass itself is made from sand that has been heated at very high temperatures.

What happens when a magnet is heated?

If a magnet is heated to a high temperature it will lose its magnetism.

What happens to an enzyme when it is heated?

When an enzyme is heated it is denatured, which means that it can no longer function.

What happens when milk is heated?

when milk is heated a'skin' forms at the surface of the milk

What happens when ozone is heated?

Ozone when heated gets decomposed. It decomposes into oxygen.

What happens when limestone is heated with clay?

when limestone is heated with clay it forms cement.

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