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When you put a drop of water on wax paper it just sits there. But when you a a detergent to the drop it helps it to soak into the paper.

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What happens when iodine is added to starch and distilled water?

As you know that iodine act as indicator for testing of starch so when a drop of iodine is added to starch it turns bluish black but when added to distilled water nothing happens except the colour of water which turns brown and its is the colour of iodine.

What happens when you put a water drop on a paper towel?

It depends on how many drops are put on the towel and how big the paper towel is. If it is full size, and you put one small drop on it, the towel would soak it up. The water would not fill up the whole paper towel, but just a bit. If it was a really big drop, it would probably soak through the paper towel and onto the surface the paper towel is laying on.

What happens to a water drop when put on wax paper?

the water drop jsut sits there. it doesn't sink into the wax paper. it looks like a roud, spherical bubble jsut sitting there on the paper. if you put a tootchppick through it, the bubble still stays the same shape and the toothpick jsut goes right through it.

What happens when you drop anything in water?

When you drop most things in water the object sinks and the water rises.

What happens to a drop of hexane on a piece of wax paper?

Wax paper melts! I Love you! You are so hot!___-----____---( ''/)

When a drop of sodium hydroxide is added to water the solution becomes basic?

If it's added to tap water, maybe and maybe not. If it's added to distilled water, the answer is yes.

Why a water drop just sits on the wax paper without sinking into the paper?

The wax keeps the water from getting into the paper. The wax acts like a kind of shield or a water repellent.

What happens if you place a drop of food coloring in a glass of water?

When you put a drop of food coloring into a glass of water, the water will turn that color.

What happens if you drop your hamster in water?

it will die, but only if you dont try to take it out of the water a fast as you can. but TRY NOT to drop your hamster. :(

What happens when 1 drop of bromine is added to vegetable oil?

they separate as they are alkenes and alkanes

What will happen if you put colored water on a piece f foil and then added a drop of rubbing alcohol?

As soon as you add the drop of rubbing alcohol the colored water will quickly move away from the rubbing alcohol,but will leave a really thin layer of colored water where you added the drop of rubbing alcohol

Will the shape of a drop of water and a drop of isopropyl alcohol on a piece of wax paper be the same or different?

No, the drop of Isopropyl Alcohol was in perfect circle whereas the water drops were circular but with lumpy edges.

Why is an acid added to water not water to acid?

addition of acid to water is highly exothermic. If water is added to acid then heat produced may cause the mixture to splash out and cause damage to your skin.Also, the test tube may also crack due to local heating. So acid is added to water drop by drop to prevent the damage.

What happens when a drop remains hanging from the tip of the burette after the solution has been added to the flask?

If there are any drops still hanging on the burette, they should be washed into the flask with distilled water.

What happens if you drop water on the floor?

The floor becomes wet. The water gets evaporated after a while.

What happens if you drop a sugar cube in warm water and stir?

The sugar will dissolve in the warm water.

What happens if energy is added or taken away from a glass of ice water?

That depends on how much energy, but simply:added, more ice melts to water - if enough is added all the ice will melt and the temperature risestaken away, more water freezes to ice - if enough is taken away all the water wii freeze and the temperature will dropAs long as there is both ice and water the temperature will hold constant.

Why a drop of dettol get evenly distributed in water?

A drop of Dettol will get evenly distributed into water. The reason this happens is because that there is enough space between the particles of matter.

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