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Q: What happens to an acidic solution as you dilute it?
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Is a dilute acidic solution only made from a weak acid?

No a dilute acidic solution can be made from a very strong acid.

Is an aqueous solution of HBr acidic basic or neutral?

Its Acidic... HydroBromic Acid is acidic, even if you dilute it with water.

Why was a concentrated solution used if there was no reaction with the dilute solution?

Because concentrated solution has more acidic particles as compared to dilute acid, so when there is no reaction with dilute acid then we use the concentrated acid.

Is car battery solution acidic?

Yes, it is dilute sulphuric acid.

Which sulphide is completely precipitated only when the acidic solution is made dilute?

PbSby karan jain

What happens in an acidic solution?

Acidic solution have high concentration of dissociable H+ ions and have low pH.

What happens to the number of hydrogen ions if a solution becomes more acidic?

The concentration of hydrogen in a solution increases as the pH of the solution becomes more acidic.

What happens when you dilute a solution?

this emans to water it down, or add water...

What happens when the pH solution is lower?

When adding a strong acid to an acidic solution pH decreases. Adding a strong base to an acidic solution the pH increases.

What happens when you mix an acid with an acid?

it forms an acidic solution

How can you make a solution more dilute?

Any solution, acidic or basic, can be made more dilute by adding water, thereby increasing its volume without the addition of any solute.

Is dilute related to acid?

Not necessarily. When a dilute substance is one that has a low concentration in a given solution. It could refer to any dissolved substance which may or may not be an acid. If a solution is acidic, then the acidity will depend on both the concentration and the strength of the acid.