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it stay at the surface

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Q: What happens to each water particle as a wave passes through the ocean?
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Each particle of water in an ocean wave moves in a what?

Circular motion. Each water particle in an ocean wave moves in a circular path as the energy from the wave passes through.

When a wave passes through the ocean it does what?

When a wave passes through the ocean it may make a wave.

Through which ocean does the equator pass?

The equator passes through the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. It does not pass through The Arctic Ocean.

What ocean passes through Ghana?

No ocean passes through Ghana. However, the Gulf of Guinea is the southern border of Ghana, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean.

The international Dateline passes through which oceans?

The International Date Line passes through the Pacific Ocean. It is an imaginary line on the Earth's surface that marks the boundary between one calendar day and the next.

What ocean does the equator pass through?

The equator passes through The Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

The equator passes through what 3 oceans?

The equator passes through the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

What ocean does the equator not pass through?

The Equator does not pass through the Arctic Ocean. It lies at 66.5 degrees north latitude and thus is located well above the Equator.

What line passes through the Pacific Ocean?


What is the only ocean through which the equator does not passes?


Which ocean does most of the international dateline pass through?

It passes mostly through the Pacific Ocean.

Which ocean passes through tropic of Capricorn?

The Atlantic And the pacific