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Pfiesteria piscicida then feeds on the weak and exposed skin, blood, and tissue. The fish eventually die not by the invasion of Pfiesteria piscicida, but by suffocation (the toxins cause paralyzation of muscles) or by infection (bacteria and foreign objects can enter the fish through the lesions).

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Can you get pfiesteria from eating shellfish?

The disease you speak of is one of fish (finfish and shellfish). The causative agent is a dinoflagellate, Pfiesteria piscicida. This organism does not cause human disease.

Can you get pfiesteria from eating shell fish?

You can get it from local fish. The local fish can spread it killing all the fish which makes all of the local fish sick

What is unusual about the genus pfiesteria?

the answer to what is unusual about the genus pfiesteria

What happens when they are exposed to water?

what happens when they are exposed to water

What happens to iron when exposed ot air?

what happens when iron is exposed to air~ becomes rust

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They turn to stone when the are exposed in the sun

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Calcium tarnishes rapidly when exposed to air.

What happens when a rock is exposed to a chemical?

That depends on the make up of the rock and what the chemical is. If granite is exposed to the chemical called water very little happens. If limestone is exposed to an acid then it dissolves releasing CO2.

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Is Dinoflagella eukaryotic or prokaryotic?

Dinoflagella is a member of Protista and therefore Eukaryotic. An example of this would be Pfiesteria.

What is a large fish?

A fish which happens to be particularly large.

What happens when copper is exposed to oxygen?

it oxidises, causing it to rust

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What happens when fish in a fish tank are overfed?

the fish will die most of the time

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