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What happens to fluid pressure the deeper you go?

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As you go deeper in a fluid, the pressure of the fluid increases.

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As you get deeper and deeper into the ocean, the pressure increases.

Temperature and pressure increases.

The deeper you go inside the ground the hotter it gets and the more pressure begins to build. So basicly they both increaese.

imagine that all the air around you is puting pressure on you. Then, when you go into a fluid, you can feel the pressure of the air and the water. The deeper you go, the more pressure is on top of you and eventually, you will get crushed.

Water pressure increases as you go deeper.

The pressure increases as you go deeper. The deeper you go the greater the pressure

The water pressure gets more and more "heavier" than before

Temperature and pressure increase as you go deeper into Earth

the pressure in the water increases, this is why you equalize, just like going up in an aeroplane!

The pressure gets too great and the submarine implodes. The deeper you go under water the more pressure there is.

As you go deeper, pressure increases.

The deeper in the water you go the more pressure.Pressure increases as you go deeper. for each six feet of depth, the pressure increases by 14 psi.

As you go deeper into the Earth, you very quickly reach a point where the temperature is constant year-round. Both temperature and pressure increase as you go deeper into the Earth.

Density increases as you go deeper into the earth.

There is greater pressure the deeper you go in water. So if you go too deep, the pressure in the human lungs will be so great and too much that the persons lungs will collapse.

fluid pressure increases when you go below sea level fluid pressure decreases when you go above sea level

There is so much pressure that the hydrogen gas gets turned into a liquid, a metallic state.

As you go deeper, there are more rocks above you, and the more rocks you have, the heavier everything above you gets. When something gets heavier, it applies more pressure on an object. Therefore, when you go deeper, pressure on an object increases.

the deeper you go the more pressure that's for depth

As you go deeper and deeper the layers will start to get hotter and thicker.

As the layers go deeper into the Earth the rock becomes hotter.

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