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No, the absolute pressure in a liquid of constant density would not double in this situation. This is because the atmospheric pressure is an independent variable, so it will keep the absolute pressure from doubling.

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No, it does not. (absolute pressure) = (Pressure Gauge) - (Atmospheric pressure) ==>

(Pabs) = (density of liquid)(gravity)(depth or height) - (Patm)

As you can see, atmospheric pressure is independent of the height/depth. The atmospheric pressure will not double, restricting absolute pressure from doubling.

However, the Gauge Pressure will double.

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Q: Does absolute pressure in a liquid of constant density double when the depth is doubled?
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What happens to pressure when the temperature and volume is halved?

if kelvin temp is halved, the volume is halved if pressure is constant.

How would pressure change if area is doubled keeping the force constant?

Since P = F/A, PA = F So, if area is doubled, pressure is halved.

When the contact area is doubled keeping the force acting on the body constant the pressure?

when the contact area is doubled keeping the force constant on the boy, there will be less impact on the body .

If the volume of a container of air is reduced?

If the volume of a container of air is reduced by one half the partial pressure of the oxygen with in the container will be doubled. If the volume of a container of gas is reduced, the pressure inside the container will increase.

The volume of a gas is doubled while the temperature is held constant?

.. thenEITHER the pressure is halved for the same amount (moles) of gas,ORthe amount (moles) of gas is doubled at the same pressure,ORany valid combination of these possibillities.

What happens to the volume of a gas when the number of moles is doubled (all else held constant)?

At a constant volume the pressure increase.

When the pressure exerted on a confined gas at a constant temperature is doubled the volume of the gas is?

Pressure will be doubled as well, if done in the samevolume (so: not in a balloon I mean).(Gas law: p/T=constant )

What if pressure is applied to a cube until its volume is half of its original volume what will its new density be?

If the volume is halved, without change in mass, the density will be doubled.

What happens to the pressure if the temperature in K is doubled?

The initial pressure is halved. Use Boyle's law that relates pressure & volume at a constant temperature. P1V1 = P2V2 In this case the V1(initial volume) is doubled so V2 = 2V1 P2 = P1V1/V2 = P1V1/2V1 P2 = (1/2)*P1

Why if a gas is present at 27 Celsius its volume becomes doubled when temperature increases to 327 Celsius under constant pressure?

pV = nRT we can firstly assume that n (number of moles) and R (gas constant) do not change and as pressure is also kept constant, the temperature must be proportional to the volume. Thus if temperature is increased from 27C (300K) to 327C (600K) and is doubled, the volume must also double.

How does the mass change when the volume is increased two times?

When volume is increased two times, mass is also doubled. This is because density of a particular material always remains constant, (d=m/v), so to keep density constant, volume increase is balanced by mass increase.

When a balloon is heated its volume is doubled what happens to its density?

The density decreases by half. You find the answer by knowing that density is equal to mass divided by the volume. If the mass stays constants and the volume is doubled, then the density is halved.