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Q: What happens to frequency when a ray of light passes from air to water?
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How Light passes through water?

It happens by the refraction of light.

What happens to the speed of light as passes from water to air?

It increases.

What happens when light passes air into water?

it slows down.

What happens when light is refracted through water from air?

The light will bend as it passes through.

What happens to light as it passes from air into water in one word?


What happens when light is bent as it passes throuh a droplet of water?

The water will look like a rainbow. that's what happens when it rains

What happens when light goes from water to air?

light rays bend away from normal as it passes from denser water to rarer air

What happens to water when it passes through different layers of soil?

sun light bends

What occurs when light passes from water into a flint glass?

Its speed decreases, its wavelength becomes smaller, and its frequency remains the same.

What happens to speed of light when light goes into air?

That depends what it comes out of. If it passes into air from vacuum, thenits speed decreases. If it passes into air from water or jello, then its speedincreases.

What happens when water passes?

When fast water passes it leave

What happens to the velocity and wavelength of light when it passes from air into water?

The speed of the light decreases, and its wavelength increases by the same factor.