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Polonius was spying on Gertrude and Hamlet. Hamlet accidently killed him thinking he was Claudius.

Accidently hamlet thinking that claudius was hiding behind the curtain and eavesdropping he killed polonius instead

Hamlet is a tragedy and that is what happens in a tragedy

They both died, though Laertes died first. During the duel, Laertes cuts Hamlet with the sword that has poison on it, but when they accidently drop their swords they got mixed up and got each others sword. Hamlet then cuts Laertes with the sword that has poison on it.

It gets attacked by pirates. Hamlet finds himself on the pirate ship when they separate.

Hamlet kills Polonius by accident.

Yes. "Exchange forgiveness with me, noble Hamlet. Mine and my father's death come not upon thee, nor thine on me."

King Claudius dies. Hamlet stabs him continuously and makes him drink the wine with poison in it.

Polonius dies in the play. Hamlet kills him while he is in Gertrude's room. Polonius was spying on Hamlet. Hamlet thought that there was a mouse behind the curtain so he swung his sword and killed polonius while he was behind the curtain.

She drowns after going crazy. Many think it is a suicide.

The last scene in Act III is the closet scene in which Hamlet kills Polonius, Gertrude recognizes that Claudius may have murdered Hamlet Senior and the Ghost makes a reappearance telling Hamlet to get on with it.

Hamlet stages the "Murder of Gonzago" play, which Hamlet calls the "Mousetrap" play, to depict Claudius murdering his father with poison. That happens in Scene 9, which is Act 3 scene 2. So, it's supposed to represent Claudius killing King Hamlet.

Laertes asks Hamlet to forgive him for killing him. In exchange, he offers to forgive Hamlet for killing him (and perhaps also his father and sister.) This may be just so he can die in peace or it may have some bearing on where the two end up in the afterlife.

Polonius's death has a number of bad consequences for Hamlet. First his former girlfriend Ophelia goes nuts at the death of her father. Second, Laertes, Ophelia's brother, swears revenge against Hamlet. And third, Claudius, who has been suspicious of Hamlet, now concludes that Hamlet must die, and orders him to England to do so.

Hamlet tells the story of a prince of Denmark who returns from his university studies to find the court in disarray. It involves murder, deceit, and even ghostly visions.

Hamlet sees te ghost of his father, speaks to him and the queen does not seem her ex husband, only hamlet.

Hamlet is the prince of Denmark and the protagonist in Shakespeare's play Hamlet

Hamlet Sr (Old Hamlet) was the King of Denmark and Hamlet Jr's (Hamlet) father. Hamlet Sr dies at the beginning of the play and the story follows Hamlet Jr as the main character. Hope this helps, Have a great day.

He does two important things. The first is to name Claudius as the killer, finally allowing Hamlet to kill him honorably. The second is to make peace with Hamlet and "exchange forgiveness," which in the complex spiritual framework of the play might mean that the two of them get to avoid the hellish fate that King Hamlet suffered and that most of the dead characters presumably get.