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Q: What happens to light waves as they enter and leave a prism?
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What happens when a light ray enter a prism?

All the colors of the visible light spectrum are made visible.

What happens to the spectrum if a red light shines on a prism?

red light is monochromatic light and if it shines on a prism its still red light pass through the prism, not 'rainbow' color.

What occurs in a prism?

What happens when light enters a prism is the light is broken up into all its natural colors. Hence what happens when you see a rainbow, all the little rain drops act as a prism.

What happens when a light hits a prism and why does it happen?

The light sctters into a spectrum.

What happens to the light if the light shines through a prism?

White light separates into seven colours

What happens when a red light is shone in a prism?

I don't know

What happens when a bright light passes through a prism?

A rainbow

What happens when a light goes through a prism?

when normal white light is passed through a prism, it is split up into all the rainbow colors.

What happens during refraction of light as light passes through a prism?

It shows color.

What happens in a periscope?

The top of the periscope has a prism that reflects the light to the observers prism. The object the top prism is pointed at is seen at the bottom one.

What happens to light that passes through a prism?

the colors of light seperates to show all the colors of light.

What happens if a hollow prism is used?

Because there is a hollow space inside the prism, the light would be refracted twice, turning it back to white light.