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His curse is broken like everyone elses, and Him and Tohru remain friends. Natsuki Takaya didnt really clear up about what happens to him, So you can kinda just make up your own ending. Hope this helps!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-18 15:20:05
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Q: What happens to momiji in fruits basket?
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Which chapter in Fruits Basket does Momiji kiss Tohru?

Momiji kisses Tohru in volume 2, chapter 8 of Fruits Basket. I think it was page 51

Who is the Japanese voice actor for Momiji in Fruits Basket?

Ayaka Saitoh

What episode of fruits basket does momiji come in?

Episode 7 - A Plum On The Back :)

Who is the English voice actor for Momiji in Fruits Basket?

kimberly grant (i think) ^_^

Who does Momiji like in fruits basket?

While there is no direct proof, it is assumed he likes tohru.

Who does momiji from fruits basket end up with?

even though the loved momiji sohma is as cute as a button, he never finds his true love. :.(

In what chapter of fruits basket does momiji grow up?

Essentially, all of the characters, including Momiji, grow up throughout the series, but readers see dramatic change in Momiji in Chapter 111.

Which volume of fruits basket manga does kyo show his true form?

It's in the 6th book with Momiji on the cover.

Is momiji from fruits basket a girl?

He's a boy that why when he hugged tohru he changed into a rabibit !. He's the same age as Hatsharu.

What happened to momiji at the end in fruits basket?

Nothing important actually... He continues living like normal (Well, as normal as he was before)

Does momiji confess to tohru?

In the second last or last volume of Fruits Basket, Momiji tells Kyo that he hopes to propose to Tohru. I don't know if he meant it fully, or just a trick for Kyo to talk to Torhu.

Which fruits basket character is the cutest?

Its your own opinion, but the author made it a competition for Kisa and Tohru for the cutest charaters. But in my opinion, it would have to be Momiji

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