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What happens to my brestmilk if get tattoo?


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Tattoos do not effect the breast milk as the ink doesnt travel through the bloodstream, however i would not risk getting a tattoo while you are breastfeeding as other aspects of the tattoo could potentially harm a baby such as infections which can be picked up from a new tattoo which can travel through the bloodstream and be passed into the milk. Therefore i would wait until you have finished breastfeeding before getting a Tattoo.

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Hypothyroidism would have no effect on your tattoo, and conversely, your tattoo would have no effect on your thyroid gland.

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When you let a unlicensed tattoo artist tattoo you, you have a greater chance of a botched tattoo, and of becoming infected from improperly handled tattooing equipment

It is not recommended that you go swimming with a new tattoo. What happens is it could result in a bad reaction on the skin.

It isn't safe to get a tattoo while pregnant due to risk of infection. It is illegal in the US for a professional tattoo artist to tattoo a pregnant woman due to these risks.

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The Person doing the tattoo can be fined, and maybe lose his/her license. Also you will probably get yelled at by your guardian.

Answer: Most likely it will make it fade. and its prob not good for the tattoo healing proccess either.

well a tattoo is really a scar so your cells are hurt then they heal themselves if you have any other questions please contact me

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Call the shop where you had it done. Tell them what is going on.

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I don't think anything will happen to your tattoo...Henna stays on for about two weeks, and hair dye won't do anything to your skin.

You want to be careful of your new tattoo. If part of the scab comes off so will the bit of tattoo that the scab is over. I had this happen and lost a line on my dragon wing. I would call the shop where you had it done. They have creams and other items to help you preserve your tattoo.

it will stretch and it will lose some of its shape. You can allways go back and get it redone if this happens though. Sometimes the tattoo will just seem smaller on your arm and more disproportionate.

It's okay. Not the best, but better than Vaseline or Neosporin.

If it's a new & unhealed tattoo, you run the risk of damaging the work before the ink settles and heals into your skin permanently. However, if it's an old or fully healed tattoo, then all it would do is stretch & conform to the contours of your muscle & skin.

Neither the fetus nor the mother will be directly injured by the needle or ink, but the stress of getting a tattoo during such a critical time can be harmful to the well-being of the fetus.

Tattoo Machines and Tattoo ink, and needles

Since the question is vague, I will answer all the variables for it: 1) Can you have hair on tattoo? (Can you get hair on a tattoo?). Yes depending on the artist who is drawing the tattoo you can have them draw pictures like portraits which have the hair of the person drawn in the picture. 2) Can you have hair on tattoo? ( Can you have a hair tattoo?) Yes, this process is called Scalp Micropigmentation and is offered by ScalpMP in Sacramento, California you can find them on their website (link below). The process is pretty cool they tattoo 'micro dots' that look like tiny buzzed down hair follicles. 3) Can you have hair on tattoo? ( Can you have hair grow over a tattoo?) Yes this typically happens after the initial excitement of getting the tattoo subsides. The person begins to get lazy and stop grooming the hair in the area.

It could be This is from touching something, (usually your face or nose) and not washing your hands before touching your new tattoo. It happens often and many times doctors misdiagnose Staph in a tattoo.

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