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Muscles contract to create movement and use up more energy than normal to do so. The body is burning calories of macronutrient from fat or carbohydrate.

To learn about the benefits of exercise, see the page link, further down this page. listed under Related Questions.

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Q: What happens to our bodies when we exercise?
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Related questions

What happens to the bodies heart rate and breathing rate during vigorous exercise?

it will increase

What happens if boys take lot of exercise?

they develop good bodies. too much exercise though can cause freakish builds that you see on television.

What happens to your breath when we exercise?

the same as when we dont exercise

What are the exercise releases chemicals in your bodies called?


Why do we need to exercise?

we need execise to have a strong bodies..

Why exercise important for your bodies?

bcause then you won't be fat

Why we need to exercise?

we need execise to have a strong bodies..

What happens if you do exercise?

== ==

What happens to your lungs when you exercise?

What happens to your lungs when you exercise is that they absorb more oxygen. This oxygen is then sent to the muscles you are using during exercise, mostly your limbs.

Why do humans breathe faster when they exercise?

We breathe faster when we exercise to increase the amount of oxygen available to our bodies.

What happens to stroke volume during exercise?

it increases with exercise

What happens to systolic blood pressure during exercise?

what happens to systolic blood pressure during an exercise session

What happens to the body after exercise?

nothing happens...LOL!

When you exercise do your Bodies need more or less Oxygen?


What does Brick Bodies specialize in?

Brick Bodies is a health club that specializes in group exercise classes. The establishment also offers health news, personal training services, and exercise boot camps.

What happens when you do not exercise?

you get fat

What happens to body temperature after exercise?

body temperature increases after exercise

What is exercise physiology the study of?

Exercise psychology is the study of the human bodies responses to physical exercise and the responses and adaptions that it makes. It studies both the immediate and long term effects of exercise on the body.

What happens to astronauts bodies in space?

Their bodies would become very weak.

Why do people continue to exercise throughout their lives?

To keep their bodies healthy.

What happens to your heart rate and pressure after exercise?

Your heart rate increases after exercise.

What happens to polar bodies?


What happens to the bodies of Simon and Piggy?

they wash them out to sea

What happens when you eat after exercise?


What happens if you dont exercise?

you get FAT

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