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It becomes humid

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Why does the sun not get put out by the rain?

The sun is outside of the Earth but the rain happens on the Earth.

Rain is drops of liquid what?

Rain is drops of water.

What happens to rain when it hits a raincoat?

It becomes regular water.

How do rain drops form in the clouds?

Drops of rain form when water evaporates and turns into water vapor. While it is in the sky it condenses, and becomes water again. Then the water falls in droplets. If it is cold enough, these drops can also turn into sleet, hail, or snow.

What happens when drops of rain become too heavy to float in the air?

they drop. Gravity!

Why does acid rain happen?

acid rain happens because when air becomes polluted, the chemicals mixes with rain and turn into acid rain.

What happens when air becomes cool and dense?

it starts to rain then snow.

What happens with the pH level in Acid Rain?

it becomes more acidic

What is it called when liquid water falls to the Earth?

Rain drops, so many rain drops...seems lika rain drops...falling in my eyes.

Why does rain drops but snow fall?

rain is just falling to everyone says it falls but it drops

Is snow colder than rain?

Snow is colder than rain because snow is frozen rain which turns to ice. Once water hits the earth it begins to evaporate into water vapor which is absorbed by the clouds. When the water vapor is in the sky it begins the next cycle called condensation. In the cycle of condensation, the water vapor begins to build up to created rain drops. Depending on the temperature outside, the rain drops turn into different types of precipitation such as snow and rain. The only way for the rain drops to turn into snow is if the temperature is 32 degrees or below. Rain drops can stay rain at higher temperatures. That proves that snow is colder than rain.

What is in the center of a rain drop?

At the center of rain drops are dust. Condensation nucleus, salt and smoke are also at the center of rain drops.

Does the rain or do the rain which is correct?

Grammatically, "Does the rain" is correct. Rain may represent many individual rain drops, which is why "Do rain drops" would be correct, however rain represents it as a whole, so "Does the rain" is the appropriate form.

What happens to air if it reaches more than 100 percent?

The water vapor contianed in the air starts falling out in the form of little drops. The little drops combine into larger drops, and we call that 'Rain', or 'Dew'.

Why do you get sick when you go in the rain?

They say that the drops of rain got dirt in them but you can't see the dirt in the drops.

Where does rain go when it drops?

Rain falls on the ground.

The water drops from clouds?

Water drops from clouds is rain.

Is The water drops from cloud?

Water drops from clouds is rain.

What happens when you leave your bike outside in the rain with rust?

It gets rustier.

How will have a rainbow after the rain?

After rain rainbow will come up! because after rain few drops of water or rain in sky when sun light passing these drops of rain. light showing in different colours.

Rain falls in?


The water vapor rises up into the air and as it gets higherthe temperature drops and the vapour begins to?

When water heats up, it rises as vapor and as temperature drops at high altitudes, the vapor condenses and becomes clouds. With time, the condensed water soon liquidifies and becomes rain.

What happens to a metal bench when it is left outside in the rain?

when a metal bench is left outside in the rain it corrodes because some other metals in the reactivity series react fast with water

What is the forecast symbol for rain?

A rain drop or cloud with rain drops falling from it.

Is hail formed by rain?

Hail is frozen rain drops.

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