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The cold water becomes salt water. The salt doesn't dissolve like sugar.

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It dissolves... come on man. Even a caveman knows that one

The sand will fall to the bottombecause it already went through eroison. The salt will dissolve until the solution saturates.

it disolves then if you heat the water the water will desolve and the salt will be left at the botton

A mixture of salt and water, if stirred until the salt is completely dissolved, is a homogenous mixture.

which water will freeze faster? cold water with salt or hot water with salt????

Only pepper is not in solution of water with dissolved salt. Salt and water are homogenously mixed, the pepper is heterogenously mixid with water-salt solution when stirred.

fresh water has no salinity, warm or cold, salt water does. The salinity of warm and cold salt water is the same.

Sugar and also salt can be dissolved in cold water.

Solubility would increase when temperature increase.ionic solids such as table salt increase in solubility when heated or stirred in a solution.

Probably to cause the water it to be saturated without using as much salt as it would take to make room temperature water saturated.

Hot salt water is a better conductor of electricity but it loses its potency compared to cold salt water at a faster rate.

Cold water simply slows down the rate at which salt dissolves.

the salt prevents the water from getting cold

Salt dissolves better in hot water than cold water because the particles in hot water is more dispersed than cold water.

A stirred supersaturated solution can be considered as a suspension.

You end up with a mixture of salt and waterIt makes salt water.

You get a salt water solution containing the solute salt and the solvent water.

Salt dissolves in hot water faster than cold water because the hot water melts the salt with its high temperature.

It stays there. The salt doesn't evaporate with the water.

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