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S.E. Hinton said that Soda goes to Vietnam in the war and dies there.


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It doesn't say so in the book, but S.E. Hinton has stated that Sodapop dies in Vietnam.

S. E. Hinton said that Sodapop would go to Vietnam and would die in the war. :'(

No, but it is said that Rob Lowe (the actor that plays Sodapop in the movie) asked S.E. Hinton (the author of the book) what happens to his character. S.E. Hinton said that Sodapop goes to Vietnam and dies there.

Sodapop Curtis dies in the Vietnam war. this is if you talking about the outsiders this is when the book is finish he doesn't die in the book. This is after Ponyboy does his report

Sodapop Curtis. If you read the book you would know that Sodapop Curtis is on his birth certificate.

The author says that if she had continued the book she would of said that Sodapop went to Vietnam and died in the war.

In the book the outsiders, Sodapop is the brother that has to take sides he can be described as a drop out or handsome

Ponyboy Curtis, Darrel Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Johnny, Two bit, Dally, Bob, Cherry.

he likes fights, Ponyboy, and drag racing

Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Darry Curtis, Steve Randall, Two-Bit Matthews, and Johnny Cade

Ponyboy Curtis Darrel (Darry) Curtis Sodapop Curtis Johnny Cade Dally Winston Steve Randle Bob Sheldon

Johnnycade Ponyboy Curtis Darry Curtis Sodapop Curtis Dallas Winston Steve Randle Two-bit

Darry Curtis is 20, the oldest of the three Curtis brothers.

johnny and sodapop did a double team with a cream pie to top of the magical night with Craig bonamise's mom.

Sodapop says, "You're bleedin' like a stuck pig" (7).

Sodapop Curtis, Ponyboy's brother. He becomes a gas staion worker.

i know that they are 3 brothers and they are in the greasers gang in the book the outsiders

If your talking about the book The Outsiders then it is Darrel Curtis but the rest of the gang either calls him Darry or Superman because he is so strong.The middle brother is Sodapop Curtis.The youngest brother is Ponyboy Curtis.

He didn't die in the book. In the DVD (the complete novel) Rob Lowe said S.E. Hinton told him that Soda dies two weeks before his 19th birthday in the Vietnam War. So he does die, but not until about 2 years later.

Yes it is their real names in the book and movie. who named them and why: their father. He wanted their names to be unique. Ponyboy Curtis and Sodapop Curtis. However Ponyboys actual name is: C. Thomas Howell and Sodapop's actual name is: Rob Lowe

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