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Q: What happens to stars when they explode?
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What happens when stars go into a black hole?

stars explode

What happens to stars that explode?

they are called super novas

What happens to the large bright stars that are created in the waves of a spiral galaxy?

They explode

What do stars explode into?


Does every star explode?

No. Only the most massive stars explode.

What will happen if the five stars explode?

Depends on which 5 stars

Do stars explode?

Some stars do. They can be nova or supernova stars, depending on the scale of the explosion.

What is it called when stars in the sky die?

Some stars explode in a supernova.

What happens if you explode?

If you explode you die and the same applies to a car battery.

Do suns explode when they die?

Most do not. Stars about 10 times more massive than the sun or larger will explode. Smaller stars shed their outer layers gradually.

How do stars begin and end their lives?

Sometimes a blue giant star will explode at the end of its life and and if there happens to be a chunk of leftover star substance, a new star will be created.

What is the space in space called after a star explode?

well it depends on the star. not all stars explode. small to medium sized stars just go into a planetary nebula after they swell up to a red giant then the bigger stars do explode, they have a super nova after the swell up into a super giant. but dont worry i star will not explode... its a really small star. --- nichole brooks :)