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Although ice exhibits a large number of polymorphs, everything from Ice I to Ice VII, the ice in your soft drink or skating rink is Ice I. For completeness sake these different forms of ice have different crystal lattice structures dependent on temperature and pressure. Ice I converts to Ice II or Ice III at about 2 kb , so ice on earth never naturally gets to any denser conviguration.

When ice melts it reaches a temperature when a change of state occurs. During this process all heat going to the ice goes into melting the ice, not raising its temperature. If you were to measure the temperature of a pan filled with ice cooled to below 0o C as you applied heat to it you would see the following stages: # The temperature of the ice rises as the heat is applied until the temperature reaches 0oC. During this period there is no melting. # The ice starts to melt but the temperature of the ice and water stays at 0oC. # Once all the ice is totally melted, the temperature of the water starts to rise as more heat is applied.

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Q: What happens to temperature when ice is melting?
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What happens to the temperature of the ice when salt is added?

The melting point will drop.

What happens to the temperature of a block of ice when it melts?

The temperature increase over 0 0C for melting.

What is the temperature of melting ice?

melting ice is 10 degrees

What happens to ice cubes when you put it in water?

Melting of the ice cubes if the temperature of water is maintained above 0 0C.

What is temperature for melting ice?


How can you stop the ice melting?

By ensuring the ambient temperature is below the melting point of the ice.

What happens when you mix ice with ice?

Nothing, if both batches of ice are at the same temperature. Then again ... the act of mixing may cause some melting.

The temperature at which ice changes into liquid water is called its?

Transitioning from solid to liquid is melting, and the temperature at which this happens is the melting point. Another name for the same temperature is the freezing point, which is transitioning from liquid to solid.

Explain what happens to the Temperature of an ice cube as it melts-?

Temperature of melting iceis a constant property: it does not change during melting (stays 0oC, this is even one of the the defined value of the Celsius temperature scale)

What happens when salt is added to ice?

If the ice is above a certain temperature, the salt will cause the ice to melt by lowering its melting point. The ice will absorb sensible heat as it melts, which means that the temperature of the solution will drop. If the temperature of the solution drops too low, the ice will stop melting unless it can absorb more heat from its surroundings.

What will you do to delay the melting of the ice?

1. afforestation can delay melting of ice ... because melting of ice is due to rising of temperature ...... 2. pollution may cause melting of ice ... if we can control pollution .. we can delay melting of ice .

Explain what happens to the temperature of an ice cube as it melts?

Temperature of melting iceis a constant property: it does not change during melting (stays 0oC, this is even one of the the defined value of the Celsius temperature scale)(for any other melting solid the same is valid at each melting point temperature)

At what temperature does ice start melting?


Melting temperature of ice?

32f, 0c

How can you slow ice from melting?

Reduce temperature.

What happens when water is dropped in ice?

the water will rise and will bob about before settling then melting/freezing depending on the temperature

What happens when water at its melting point solidifies to ice without any change in temperature?

Latent heat is emitted.

What takes longer ice melting or water freezing?

It depends on the temperature of the ice melting and water freezing.

How does the temperature of ice change during melting?

during the process of melting ,the temperature of ice remains constant.only after the process is over it attains its temperature above o*c.

What is the temperature at which ice melts?

when temperature start increaseing from 0 degree, ice start melting

What effect does rock salt have on ice?

It lowers the melting temperature of ice

Why does salt melts ice faster?

it lowers ice's melting temperature

When ice is melting what is the temperature of ice-water mixture?

32 degrees

What happens in the melting point of ice?

it evaporates

What is the temperature of melting ice on the Fahrenheit scale?

This temperature is 32 0F.