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It is Excreted from the body.

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Q: What happens to the bacteria after it is neutralized by the phagocyte?
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What is the main function of a phagocyte?

the main function of a phagocyte is to kill bacteria and within the cell bacteria is digested and killed

What does the cell capsule on bacteria do?

Capsule is made up of polysaccharides. It is slippery and prevents the bacteria from a phagocyte. When a phagocyte tries to engulf bacteria, it slips away.

How do phagocytes protect the body?

Phagocytes are a type of white blood cell. A phagocyte flows around bacteria, and sort of creates and dent in itself, which the bacteria goes into, and then the phagocyte closes around it, trapping the bacteria. Then the phagocyte secretes enzmes onto the bacteria to digest it.

How does a phagocyte destroy bacteria?

by lysis of bacteria. by combining with phagosome and lysosome

Which type of cell can destroy bacteria?

A type of cell that can destroy bacteria is called a 'Phagocyte' It contains lysosomes (Organelles containing digestive enzymes) The Phagocyte moves towards the bacteria and 'traps' the bacteria by forming a vacuole around it. Some lysosomes move towards and fuse with the vacuole. The bacteria is then digested by the enzymes contained by the lysosomes. The Breakdown products then pass into the cytoplasm of the phagocyte.

What happens in the phagocyte after pathogens have been engulfed?

The pathogens Lysosomes release Lysins (enzymes) which digest the bacteria. Harmless products of digestion are absorbed.

Which cells surround and destroy bacteria?

It is actually phagocyte, which destroys the bacteria by releasing an enzyme called lysome.

When you swallow an antacid what happens to your stomach acid?

it is diluted Edited: It is NOT diluted. It is neutralized.

How do phagocytes protect the body-?

Phagocytes protects the body by, ingesting the bacteria, whereby the phagocyte secretes enzymes on the bacteria which digests it.

How does a phagocyte kill bacteria?

In the process of phagocytosis, phagocytes surround and engulf pathogens (such as bacteria) and use lysosomal enzymes to destroy the germs.

What is opsonized bacteria?

an opsonized bacteria is a foreign pathogen in the human body in which a floating antigen is attached to the epitope (protein on the bacteria) so that a phagocyte can easily recognize the bacteria and engulf and destroy it.

What are the cell absorb harmful bacteria and other foreign objects?

The generic term for cells that consume harmful bacteria and foreign objects is phagocyte.

When you swallow an antacid what happens to your stomach acids?

It is neutralized..

What happens to the white blood cells when microbes enter your body?

There are two types of white blood cells: phagocytes and lymphocytes. The phagocytes trap the bacteria inside them, and then digest them. The lymphocytes produce antibodies which bind the bacteria until a phagocyte comes and destroys it.

What is the difference between pathogen and phagocyte?

pathogens are bacteria cells that enter your body, and phagocytes are a defense mechanism in your body used against bacteria cells.

Explain how a phagocyte destroys bacteria?

Phagocytes allow lysosomes to fuse with the vesicles that contain the ingested bacteria and viruses. Lysosomal enzymes then destroy the bacteria and viruses before they can harm the animal.

What is a Mononuclear phagocyte?

A type of cell of the human immune system that ingests bacteria, viruses, and other foreign matter, thus removing potentially harmful substances from the bloodstream. These substances are usually then digested within the phagocyte.

Bacteria within inflamed tissues are usually destroyed by what?

Bacteria within inflamed tissues are usually destroyed by phagocytes. The purpose of phagocyte cells is to protect the body from bacteria as well as other foreign particles.

What happens to the pH of an acid when it is neutralised?

The pH increases as an acid is neutralized.

What happens to the pH of a solution when its neutralised?

A neutralized solution has a pH of 7.

What happens when vinegar and dish soap mix?

The basicity of soap is neutralized.

Is a mast cell a lymphocyte or a phagocyte?

mast cell is not a lymphocyte mast cell is not a professional phagocyte, but an occasional phagocyte

What happens when an acid and a base react?

they form a neutralized substance.They form the salt.

What happens when you combine a very strong acid and a very strong base?


What happens when you take an aspirin and an antacid at the same time?

Aspirin becomes neutralized.