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Raising the temperature the density is lowered.

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What happens to the density when heat is added?

The density of air when it is heated decreases

What happens to a heated metals density?

The density will decrease because the heated metal contracts and its particles slow down.

What happens to aluminum when heated?

Density remains unchanged.

What happens to density of air when heated?

Density will decrease. When a quantity of air is heated, it expands giving it a larger volume. It will still have the same mass, so the density will be lower.

When a balloon is heated its volume doubles What is happens to its density?

Density = Mass / Volume The amount of matter in the balloon does not change when it is heated and the volume doubles so the result is the density is halved.

How does temperature affects the density?

Temprature affects the volume, since most objects expand when they are heated. And density is mass / volume.

What happens to the density of air when it is heated?

gets lighter, thinner, by expanding.

What happens to the density of a gas sample collected in a balloon as the sample is heated?

The density of the gas sample that is heated the density decreases. Cohesive forces in matter are related to potential energy from particle attractions.

What happens to the density of a substance when it is heated?

Mostly it decreases because it expands, but it is not universally true.

As matter is heated what happens to the density of the matter?

It usually becomes less dense. Ice is an exception.

What happens to the density of matter when heated?

In almost all cases, the matter expands. Density = mass / volume. When volume increases, the density decreases, because the mass is fixed.

How do some objects change when they are heated?

Solid objects may melt into a liquid form when they are heated. Liquids may become gases when heated. When objects are combined and heated, they can become new objects altogether, like in cooking.

What happens to the density of matter when the matter is heated?

In almost all cases, matter expands and becomes less dense when it is heated. Melting ice is an exception.

How do you think the density of heated air compares to the density of cooler air?

The density of heated air is less than the density of cooler air.

What happens to a sample of water when it is heated between 4C and 100C?

Its temperature rises. As 40C is the temperature where water has its maximum density, then the density will drop as well

When a balloon is heated its volume doubles what happens to its density?

The density decreases by half. You find the answer by knowing that density is equal to mass divided by the volume. If the mass stays constants and the volume is doubled, then the density is halved.

Hoe does an objects density determine whether the object will sink?

If an objects density is less than the density of what it is put in it will float. If the objects density is greater it will sink.

What objects float and what objects don't?

Objects whose density is lower than the density of the fluid they're in float. Objects whose density is higher than the density of the fluid they're in don't.

If an object is heated what happens to volume and density?

If an object is heated, its atoms get more of kinetic energy, so they collide faster and thus volume is increased and desity is decreased.

How does the volume and density of a substance change when it is heated?

The volume of a substance increases when heated, causing a decrease in density.

What determines an objects density?

An objects density is determined by its' weight and volume.

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