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What happens to the fetus after you miscarry?

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If you are in your first twelve weeks of pregnancy you will probably not even notice passing the baby. If you are miscarrying, the baby will detach and be passed from your body along with a lot of blood clots and you probably wont see it. The further along in your pregnancy, the more blood clots and the bigger they will be. If you miscarry past the 12 week mark, you will need to seek medical attention and will most probably have an operation to remove the remains of the pregnancy. By this time the baby will be large enough to identify as a baby. The baby and all the tissue will be incinerated at the hospital. If you are past the 22 week mark the baby will probably be classified as stillborn rather than a miscarriage. It will be your choice what to do with the body of the baby. Some people will take it and have a proper burial and funeral. If you do not want to take responsibility for this, the baby will be taken by the hospital and cremated.

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What happens if you miscarry at 6 weeks?

Nothing. You wait for the fetus to pass (like a period).

Is it possible if you abort one fetus and you were pregnant with twins would you then miscarry the 2nd twin?

If you were to miscarry one twin the other fetus can still survive, but the chances for that are SLIM!!

What happens if the fetus has died?

It depends on how far advanced the pregnancy is. If it's early enough, the woman will miscarry, or if it's further, it will be stillborn.

Can boys have miscarriage?

Considering boys can't get pregnant the answer is no. They have no fetus to miscarry.

Does a mother have a miscarriage or does the baby miscarry?

A miscarriage is defined as th loss of the products of conception from the uterus before the fetus is viable. So the mother miscarries the products of conception/fetus. Miscarry: Fail to carry.

Does anorexia cause a woman to miscarry a child?

yes it is possible for anorexia to cause woman to miscarry.The fetus is not getting the proper nutrientsit needs to survive.

How do you purposely miscarry a fetus?

You have an abortion. All abortion clinics in the US is found at

Is it possible for you to miscarry if you lay on your stomach?

The fetus is well protected so laying on your stomach can not hurt it.

Can a woman with sepsis get pregnant?

Yes but she might not be able to keep it and miscarry. The fetus shares the blood.

Is it possible for cat to have partial miscarriage?

Yes, a cat can miscarry one fetus and still carry the remaining fetuses to term.

Why do women miscarriage?

In the first trimester when most women miscarry it s because the fetus is not correct developed to make it further.

What happens if you miscarry at almost 8 months?

It will be like induced labor.

Can you have a miscarge if you drink?

Alcohol can hurt the fetus development but not likely make you miscarry unless you are a alcoholic and doesn't take care of yourself and are malnourished.

Can medications cause miscarriages?

Some can which is why you always have to double check with your doctor before you take anything. Some will damage the fetus but not make you miscarry.

How do you miscarry pregenancy in one moth fifteen days?

It either happens by itself or you have an abortion.

No Gestational sac appears?

Sometimes you could miscarry very early, but the body doesn't reject the fetus like it should. It does happen. My aunt thought she was 20 weeks pregnant, but when she went for an ultrasound fetus died many weeks earlier

Can you still have fetus or tissue years after a miscarriage?

It will start to decompose and give you infections and that is why you have to see a doctor when you miscarry and have a D&C, an abortion method where they scrape the uterus.

Can one not know if a person is 5months pregnant and has had a miscarriage?

If you are Five months pregnant and miscarry, yes, you would know. At that point a miscarry would be vary vary painful and bloody with removal of the fetus being necessary. Or it's possible that your doctor will notice the fact that the fetus has failed to thrive and terminate the pregnancy before the miscarriage takes place either way you would defiantly know.

Can you miscarry at 1 week?

If you mean miscarry as in a miscarriage yes you can. When it's early most women doesn't even notice. Most miscarriages happen in the first trimester due to the fetus is not viable. If you mean abortion aka induced miscarriage see related question below.

How do you spell miscarry?

As written in the question, miscarry You could also use: * miscarriage * miscarry * miscarried

How big is a 24 week old fetus if you miscarry?

It is just over one pound and about 12 inches in length. (about the size of a large ear of corn)....just fatter..

Does vinegar makes you have a miscarry?

does vinegar makes you have a miscarry

Do rabbits miscarry?

yes a rabit does miscarry mine has

What happens when ovulation does not stop after fertilisation?

the fetus will die.

How can getting male fetus?

You can't, it just happens