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The kinetic energy increase with the temperature.

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When latitude decreases the..... temperature increases and the elevation decreases.

As the temperature increases, the kinetic energy of the molecules will increase. As the temperature decreases, the kinetic energy of the molecules will decrease.

temperature increases, pressure decreases.

temperature decreases pressure increases light decreases

In every liquid (with the exception of water) the molecules, when the temperature decreases, contract.

As air pressure increases temperature decreases and as air pressure decreases temperature increases.

it decreases because when an object is moving as the temperature decreases the object decreases

As the temperature is lowered, the movement of the molecules decreases.

what happens to molecules as energy is added the temperature increses

If pressure increases, volume decreases. If pressure decreases, volume increases. If temperature increases, volume increases, and vice versa.

Generally, viscosity decreases when temperature increases.

radiation from object decreases as the temperature rises

It decreases. There are some some exceptions.

Temperature measures the average random motion of the particles (usually molecules or atoms) of which matter is composed. Faster moving particles constitute a higher temperature.

the motion of the particles increases or decreases when the temperature increases or decreases. When added heat to Particles they move faster

The solubility of gas increases as the temperature decreases.

As the temperature rises, the viscosity, meaning a substance's resistance to flow decreases because a liquid based substance melts, and flows more.Viscosity decreases as temperature increases.

Its viscosity decreases, which allows it to flow easier.

If temperature increases, the average absolute speed of the molecules increases, and vice versa.

Volume increases with increase in temperature, and decreases with decrease in temperature.

the rate of contraction increases with a rise in temperature and decreases with a fall in temperature

Actually it's not weight we are dealing with here, it is actually density. So what happens is when temperature increases, the density decreases and volume increases or vice versa if the temperature decreases, the density increases and the volume decreases.

the atoms (or molecules) within the substance move slower, as temperature decreases.

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